November 17, 2019

Nov 14 - Sea Day

The seas subside as we progress towards Florida. We skirt the northern edge of Cuba as that is where the currents are most favorable for conserving fuel. The captain shares that by catching easterly currents they can turn off one engine and still maintain speed. Tons of fuel will be saved.

The skies are mostly sunny, but the temperatures are beginning to drop, and it is noticeablly cooler outside on deck and by the pools.

Guest talent show, guest singers, guest performance of "The Killer Dance". Do you see a pattern of how the passengers are being entertained? And Royal is keeping costs down.

This is packing day. I need to get extra luggage tags, I don't trust the gorillas with only one tag on the luggage, I always attach two. Guest services is busy with guests settling accounts and fixing account discrepencies.

I have been here for weeks, and on the last day I meet neighbors that live just North of me. Frequent cruisers that will make Pinnacle status level on their next cruise, as I did on this one, Irving and Linda are also both pilots. 

Last chance for dinner in the dining room, I pass and go to Park Cafe for a snack.

I expected to find the liquor I purchased when I returned to my cabin. Nowhere to be found, I was misinformed, I needed to go to the shops to pick it up. It was waiting for me on the counter when I arrived. 

Bruce and Sandi come in while I am there. The sales person shows them the distinctive bottle and laments the fact he has no more to sell. He offers a few samples to finish the last bottle of Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey in the store. We we happy to help.

With liquor in hand, I can now pack my last suitcase and get the needed ones out in the hall.

The alarm is set for 7:00, sadly tomorrow I need to leave and go home.

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