October 11, 2019

Coco Cay Oct 10, 2019

It is another perfect day in Coco Cay, just as advertised. 

This morning there is a wedding ceremony in the Crown Lounge. There are about 15 in attendance. All the passengers in the Diamond Lounge are very respectful, talking in whispers, and not allowing the door to slam closed. It's rewarding to see examples of respect, it has become so rare in our society.

The helium balloon on Coco Cay has been filled since we were here two days ago. I expect it will be in operation soon. Today is a perfect balloon day as the winds are minimal.

Today is my last day to get off the ship. Though I shouldn't have any food for at least a week after dinner last night, I decide to go ashore for lunch. OK maybe not really lunch except for the time of day. Does a cookie and a glass of fruit punch count as lunch?

There are two helium trucks parked near the balloon. I have no clue as to capacity, but just considering they have Texas plates and there are no roads to the island, I imagine refilling the balloon was an expensive undertaking.

It would be interesting to know if there is a way to remove the helium and store it when the balloon needs to be deflated for any reason. Considering that the world's supply is quite limited, it would be a smart idea.

Last week Royal made an error in posting OBC (On Board Credit) to my account. They argured with me for an hour despite my showing them email confirmations of the amounts to be posted.

This week they made nearly the same error, except instead of not posting a credit, they posted one twice. Do you think this took an hour of discussion to be fixed? No way! Royal discovered the error in favor of the customer and corrected it within 12 hours of being made. Yes, fixed before I even saw it. Hmm. A double standard here?

Our last meal in the dining room. The head waiter again brings me fresh apple pie. This time accompanied by a birthday candle and a birthday chorus from the waiters. I'll just say I'm maturing, not getting older.

The Seas are dead calm as we head back to Port Canaveral.