February 28, 2019

Feb 27, St John's, Antigua

Blue skies, comfortable temperatures, and mild tropical breezes. day after day, perfect weather. I say perfect because I don't know what would make it any better. I stay on the ship for the day.

There is training for some of the crew this morning, a regular occurrence when we are in port. The staff that removes the breakfast from the Concierge Lounge must have been required to participate because they are an hour and a half late in cleaning up.

Being a train buff in addition to a cruiser, a couple of days ago I decided to take an excursione on a narrow gauge train in St Kitts tomorrow.  The Royal App on my phone wasn't functioning, and the excursion desk was closed. I didn't think about it again until last night after dinner as I was walking by the desk. I stop. 

"Sorry all sold out, no seats available on either tour." I have taken this tour before, so I wasn't overly disappointed. Then it occurs to me it may be time to use some influence. JJ, the Concierge Host, is not busy. I explain that I was told the tour was sold out and wondered if she had some tickets in reserve. A quick phone call, 30 seconds to print the tickets, and I am all set. There are some benefits to living here.

Some passengers take advantage of the host and have them do everything for them, I prefer to limit my requests to things I am unable to accomplish on my own.

I hope I am safe in saying this, and don't jynx the rest of the cruise, but there have been no mechanical elevator problems on this ship. I may have stumbled on the reason why. The other day there was a technician methodically testing the operation of every button and verifying every indicator light on every deck and every elevator. With 9 elevators covering 13 decks, a lot of buttons and lights to push and check. His efforts show.

The Diamond Lounge remains pretty busy, but the Concierge lounge less so. A gross couple sitting in the corner drives most of us away from the bar. They are both very sick, and neither makes any attempt to contain thier coughs. I learn there have been numerous complaints about them in the past few days in various venues around the ship, but Royal will do nothing to get them to see the doctor. After dinner they are in the Centrum coughing into the crowd. I leave, more dilligent than ever about washing my hands. If I am never seen again, they may be why.

Our entertainment tonight is Albert Lucas, a juggler and comedian. The description is nearly the same as was given for Ron Lucas a week or so ago. A typo in his name? No one knows.

It turns out, Albert Lucas is correct, he is a different performer, and whereas Ronn was excellent for his humor, Albert is excellent at his juggling skills. He holds a number of titles in international competition and several world records. This was only the eighth time he has performed on a ship. He will be back if he wants.

We head towards our next port of St Kitts at a blistering 7 knots.The seas are less than 6 feet, but they must be hitting the ship just right as every 15 minutes or so she shudders.