February 01, 2023

Day 2 Coco Cay

The skies are partly cloudy, the temperatures in the upper 70's. there is a slight breeze. Despite our late departure it is a short cruise to Coco Cay and we are tied up at the dock before 7:00. The ship is cleared by 7:45

Shortly the Serenade of the Seas pulls alongside on the other side of the dock. The majority of passengers start heading ashore for a day of sun and sand.

Chops Grille is reserved for Pinnacle guests for breakfast. There are at most a dozen passengers. The service is fast, attentive and the food excellent.

A stop at the future cruise desk to check on pricing for a fall cruise to Bermuda, A few hours in the Solarium, some time on the balcony. A lazy day in port.

In addition to 18 cans of diet coke, we have three bottles of champagne in our cabin. We ask the concierge host is we can exchange the champagne for wine. He obliges and it is taken care of within an hour. Only afterwards we learn the one bottle of champagne, sent by the Coastal Kitchen manager, is sold on the ship for $86.00 per bottle! It doesn't matter, we didn't care to drink it.

Future cruise pricing is no different than what I can do directly on line. Making cabin selection here is very difficult in that the all the deck plans are squeezed onto 1 sheet of paper. Even with a magnifying glass it is very difficult to read.

We hear many stories from other passengers trying to get to the port Sunday. The taxi fare for one couple was over $110 for what would normally be a $10 ride. Another Uber driver was furious because he had accepted a fixed fare, and it took him hours. Another knew the back alleys and parking lots to drive through and made it to the port quite quickly. Just the challenges of travel.

The Coastal Kitchen is at about 50% of capacity for dinner. Again the food is good, and the service exquisite.

The Oasis has been around for a few years, and has seen several makeovers. The seating in the main theater is comfortable as are most of the chairs in the Suites  Lounge and Diamond Lounge. Overall she is in good shape and not really showing many signs of her age.

We waste a few minutes listening to karaoke, then catch the headliner production show. A vocalist, Lou Gazzarra, with an excellent voice and a very good show. Unfortunately the theater was only about 50% full. 

After the show, one set at the Jazz club. The musicians are from Eastern Europe and do a good job. Soon it is bedtime.

The seas are about 3 feet, the skies mostly clear, temperatures in the upper 70's. Tomorrow will be a sea day as we head to Cozumel.