November 05, 2022

2 Sea Days and Home

We spend the next 2 days at sea heading back to Port Everglades in Fort lauderdale.  The seas remain very slight with light breezes out of the North East as we stay on the Atlantic side of all the islands.  Temperatures rise to the mid 80's during the day, and cool to the lower 80's in the evening.  It is mostly sunny all day, the nicest days we have had on this trip.  The sun bathers are out in full force occupying nearly every lounge chair on the ship.

I immensely enjoy 3 more presentations about the "brain". All part of the Celebrity lecture series Beyond The Podium.

There is an officers reception for higher level captain's club members. Wine, Champagne and served appetizers. A scaled back version of what was offered every evening in the Sky Lounge on prior Celebrity Cruises.

In speaking with the IT manager, he confirms the ship will be switching to Star Link in March. Equipment installation is expected to begin in January.

Our table mate, Bob, is missing from dinner. We learn he is under medical care in the ship's hospital. Recovering, but will remain there for the remainder of the cruise. It has already been determined he will be transported directly to a hospital upon docking. A combination of dehydration, low blood glucose, and several other issues. He and his wife were scheduled to continue on the next cruise, but the medical staff told them no way.

We arrive in port just a few minutes late. The shuttle to parking and the drive home are uneventful and by 1:30 the laundry is underway.

Overall I was not impressed with this cruise. My expectations were for Celebrity to be like they were in the past, and to do at least a little bit better than Royal.  They fell short on both counts. The food quality was barely OK, and service was often with a short handed grumpy crew. Freshly made pasta was barely warm as were most dishes that shoud be served hot. Beverage service was lacking.

Home for three weeks and then 7 days on the Oasis of the Seas out of Miami.