February 27, 2019

Feb 26, St Croix

The skies are blue with a few passing clouds. Temperatures are in the upper 70's with a nice easterly breeze.  The Serenade is the only ship in dock today.

Over the years cabin stewards have made many different things out of towels to leave on the bed or hang from the ceiling. Monkeys, swans, turtles, shrimp, bears, mice, I thought I had seen them all.

Last night it was a small basket with carrying handle complete with flowers. I can't imagine how long this took to make.

I am staying on the ship today, nice and peaceful and quiet. I find a chair in the shade on deck 12 to write this. Usually I use a full sized folding bluetooth keyboard, but today i am using just my phone.  Much much slower for me. Many passengers and crew are intrigued when they see the portable keyboard. I think they would sell many in the shops.

There are a number of sailboats anchored in the harbor. Someone in a small inflatable is going from one to another, boarding for about 15 minutes and then moving on to the next.

A modern day pirate looting what he can find? Or a paid entreprenuer delivering provisions or just checking on each boat's status? Your guess is as good as mine.

There is a optional lunch with a officer offered to the upper diamond plus passengers. The last time I went, the officer was a lifeguard and an employee from the spa. Apparently other passengers are under whelmed as well. Only 8 guests accepted this week.

Long a favorite activity has been the Captain's Corner, an opportunity to ask the Captain and other top officers questions. Whether just this captain, this ship, or fleetwide, the Captain's corner appears to be history.

"Your cruise in review" a DVD of various footage shot during the cruise also is no longer being offered. I heard the cruise line was sued over copyright and privacy issues. I'm sure it was profitable so being forced to stop makes sense.

You would think I just boarded yesterday and not a month ago. Today I learned there is a kiddie pool here. It is on deck 12 aft. OK, my excuse, it has been years since I have used a pool on a ship, and then it was the adult pool.

Dinner had a little twist tonight. The four cheese ravioli is my choice. Seated at my usual table, the couple at the table next to me arrives a few minutes after I do. That is unusual, as most nights they are finishing thier starter when I arrive. I order the ravioli which is served in just a few minutes, an advantage of a table near the galley.  My surprise, it is not ravioli but tortellini. It is one of those insignificant errors which isn't worth mentioning to the wait staff. Was the menu printed incorrectly? Did the pantry just deliver the wrong stuff to the kitchen? Will never know. What other errors are made? Do they prepare Salmon steak instead of Beef steak? It makes you wonder.

The entertainer tonight is a violin player, Gary Lovini. The theater is packed to standing room only.  His music, accompanied by the house orchestra, is enjoyable, and he interacts with the audience. Not only does he come into the lower level audience, he also climbs the steps to the balcony without missing a string, something I have never seen a performer do before.

Chester is back in the Schooner bar. Bt 9:30 when I arrive after the main show it is standing room only. By far the biggest crowd he has drawn since I have been on the ship.

We move at a very slow pace to our next port of St John's, Antigua. The ship is unaffected by the seas of less than 3 feet.