October 19, 2022

Day 6, 7 & 8 - Days At Sea and Departure

We start our day as usual at Chops for breakfast. For some reason the obnoxious kids are appearing. Despite the large number of children, thier collective behavior has been excellent up until now.  I guess 6 days away from school is too long for parents.

Another Ice show, entertainment in the Jazz club and Schooner Bar. Another musical production in the main theater. The captains corner and time with a number of the various entertainers fills the time that isn't spent dining, napping, or watching the ocean pass by.

The Azithromycin, or the bacteria it is attacking, seems to be hitting me pretty hard. My ambition level is slightly above zero. I decide to avail myself of a service I haven't  used in many years. I request wheelchair assist on departure day.

The luggage is packed and put out in the hall. My pillow gets packed, so I have to use thiers. Five times too big for my comfort. Speaking of comfort,  the one thing lacking on this trip was a comfortable matress.  It was as firm as a sheet  of plywood covered with a sheet.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Chops would be serving our breakfast on the morning of departure. The windjammer is avoided again.

I meet at the designated area for wheelchair assist.  After a short wait I am whisked away to the awaiting shuttle to take me to my car.

Another successful cruise. I am home by 9:30 and start the unpacking process. Tomorrow morning I will resume the phone calls to various medical providers. A very busy week lies ahead until we leave for a 10 day cruise on the Equinox October 24th.