January 24, 2020

Jan 23 - Unexpected Sea Day

Having been diverted to Falmouth for a failed attempt to disembark a passenger requiring shore side medical care, and our scheduled stop in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica having been cancelled, we  continue towards Colon, Panama at the ships top cruising speed of 23 to 25 knots. The current plan is to dock at a cargo pier in Colon as soon as possible to disembark the passenger, then return to sea  and in the morning tie up at the passenger pier as originally planned.

The weather remains gloomy with overcast skies and periodic showers.  A few passengers are beginning to grumble about the weather. The seas have calmed to less than 3 foot waves. Rolling and pitching of the ship has ceased. Certainly no red lobster sunburns so far on this cruise.

As we get closer to Panama there is a steady stream of ships that have just transversed the canal.

By late afternoon there is a light fog and drizzle. Just a gloomy day. We enter the  entrance to the harbor in Colon and the skies clear, the sun comes out, and the waters in the protected harbor are glass smooth. Plans are changed again. The equivalent of a 40 foot coast guard vessel pulls alongside and the medical passenger is whisked away for more comprehensive care.

I learn later from passengers that were present, the man collapsed from a heart attack when leaving the casino. 15 minutes of CPR and AED revived him and he was taken to the ships medical facility. We all wish him a full recovery.

After the transfer, we turn around and head back to sea to spend the night. 

Dinner tonight is in Giovannis, one of the specialty restaurants. The food and service were excellent, and the price was right, half price to be more precise.

Early in the morning we will return to our dock in Colon. Some excursions start leaving at 5:45 AM! Too early for me.