August 25, 2022

Day 3 Nassau

We dock at the extreme outside pier. The Disney Wish is next. A Carnival ship fills a third berth.

The weather forecaset is for temperatures in the mid 80's but a "feels like" temperature in the low 100's. A trip to several breweries and a distillery is planned. I have no interset and will enjoy the empty ship more.

Breakfast in the dining room as Alyssa wants eggs benedict. Surprisingly the room is nearly full, the service and food good.

Others head for town. A few walks around the ship with stops at the Solarium and window shoping in the shopping area. A review of pictures taken the previous evening reveals at least one good image. Within a few hours it is time for a nap.

A message from those ashore reveals the heat and humidity is higher than anticipated, eliminating any guilt I might have had for not going with them.

Everyone gathers for cocktails before facing the dining room for dinner. Not to make it more difficult for our waiter, but just to give everyone a different view, we mix up the seating. Surprisingly it does not phase the staff, well not apparently anyway.

An old fashioned had to be made 3 times before it was anywhere near correct. I had to send back my drink because it was wrong. My Chicken Cordon bleu was slightly above room temperature. It obviously has sat somewhere for 25 minutes before being served. Again the head waiter stepped in to help address the issues. The beverage  manager was required to fix the old fashioned problem.  For the third night we were nearly the last to leave the dining room in spite of many others arriving after us.

Our guess was the dining room was about 70 percent full. Other than a staff that did not work together as a team, it was not obvious what the shortfall was, but there definitely was one. Our waiter is nearing the end of his fourth contract, so lack of experience should not be the problem, but there definitely is one in this part of the dining room.

After dinner a set of Jazz music, and then some latin music before retiring for the night.

Tomorrow we head back to Port Canaveral. A four night cruise is so short.

Day 2 August 23, 2022

I am awaked by an announcement from the captain. Our arrival at Coco Cay has been delayed several hours due to the medical evacuation the previous evening. We are cruising at 20 knots in an attempt to reduce our late arrival as much as possible. He also shares the transfer was successful and the passenger is recovering.

By 10 AM many passengers have left for the beaches, but the Windjammer is still packed. We head to Giovanni's for breakfast. An area reserved for Pinnacle guests. Historically just a seating area during breakfast hours, but now a full service breakfast area just for me.  Food and service is excellent, and the room is nearly empty. Probably undiscovered by other priority status members.

I elect to remain on the ship. Somehow in the past few days I have twisted my right knee. Extra walking is not the prescription for quick healing.

With nearly everyone on the prvate island, the Windjammer is nearly empty for lunch. I put together the ingredients to make a ham, turkey, and cheese sandwich.

Temperatures are in the mid 80's, cooler than back home in Florida.  Some time on the balcony, more time in the Crown Lounge, and some time sitting by the solarium pool and the day quickly passes.

Tonight is formal night for dinner. I was even convinced to wear my suit, a rare event. I drew the line at flip flops though. My flip flop bow tie that is, compliments of Marilyn a number of cruises ago.

A short conversation with the head waiter as I get to our table. He is very aware of the problems the previous night before a word is spoken. He was observing as he should, that is part of his job.

Everyone is nicely dressed. Top award goes to Greg in his Army dress uniform. Very sharp.

Both the food and the service was much better tonight than the first.  With about an hour before the production show, many group pictures are in order. Face it, it is rare that I wear a suit.

The singers and dancers were good, but I will concede I may have dozed once or twice during the performance.

It is a short hop to Nassau, our port of call tomorrow.