November 06, 2016

Return to Clermont

The Divina docks in Miami on time. Passengers begin disembarkation about an hour late. There is a system, but it is not as well orchestrated as on most ships. Fortunately I have priority disembarkation and am one of the first passengers waiting for luggage in the terminal. A very nice porter asks if I would like some help. Still feeling the effects of a cold, I accept his services. It takes about 20 minutes for my luggage to arrive. The porter has worked here for 19 years, and soon shares that many passengers are not very pleased with MSC. He helps me all the way to my car in the garage, and is well tipped for his service.

Just as I am paying my parking fee, the phone rings. Adrienne and Steve are ready to disembark The Harmony. I expect to be there in about 30 minutes. Just as I enter the security checkpoint at Port Everglades they call again. The ship is in sight, and my passengers and their luggage are quickly spotted.

Over the next four hours we share stories of our cruise.

Pictures of the MSC Divina are posted to my blog site. A week at home before I leave for a quick 4 day cruise on the Majesty of The Seas, the sister ship of The Monarch of the Seas, one of my most favorite ships that I sailed many times before her sale to Pullmantur.