May 11, 2024

May 10 - Day 6 - Sea Day

Leaving Ephesus we head generally south then will turn more easterly towards Limassol, Cypress. Our speed is a slow 8 to 10 knots.  Just too far to do overnight, so we do it at a slow pace over a day and a half.

As we turn more easterly, the winds have picked up to beaufort 7, the seas are probably 10 feet, but being on our bow they are not felt much on the ship. On deck it is very windy and on the balcony it is too windy despite the pleasant 72 degree weather.

Our cabin is on deck 12 this time. Day and night we periodically hear noises. Since the deck above us is also cabins, this surprises me as to the source.  

It turns out it is the games in the sports complex on deck 15. Most identifiable is the noise when the balls are released on the pool tables and drop to where they can be picked up and racked.  3 decks away and we hear it in our cabin. Not really disturbing, but loud enough that it gets your attention.

Speaking of the sports deck we chose to go to Playmakers for chicken wings instead of going to the luncheon with the captain and officers. Clearly demonstrated that Royal knows how to serve hot fresh food when it wants too. The wings and fries were excellent.

They were also very accomodating. As Lynn is gluten intollerant, not only were the wings without breading, they started with all new oil just for our order. Would they do that for any customer? I hope so. I hope it wasn't just because we are Pinnacle guests dining at the sports bar instead of with the officers.

There  is still trivia on this trip, but not nearly as many as often seen. I don't know where the passengers hang out all day, but mid day on a sea day, and the promenade is empty during the tee shirt sale. The pool is empty. The sports complex area has maybe 100 people, the pub 10 and at most 25 at the art auction.  Maybe the majority of passengers sleep all day.

The second attempt to hold the late night Effectors failed. This time it was some sets that jammed and wouldn't move into position. Several days ago the guidance system for the lasers that shine on the performers hands totally failed when it lost all calibration data. Data that took 48 hours to reconstruct.  Backup anyone?

As the day progresses the winds subside some. The skies remain lightly overcast, but so far no rain.

The headliner, Pete Matthews is an excellent juggler and comedian. The early show was probably 90% full, not 100% as most of the transatlantic early shows.

We have a "highlights and shopping" excursion in Limassol, Cypress tomorrow.