September 30, 2018

September 29, Cozumel, Mexico.

I awake after 10 hours of peaceful sleep. By the time I leave the cabin, passengers are allready headed ashore. A glass of juice and a pastry will suffice for breakfast. I decide to catch the movie "Overboard" playing in the cinema. Being a port day I expect it should not be crowded. About 30 minutes into the movie, a fire drill is started for the crew. The movie sound is cut off for the announcements and the general alarm strobe lights flash every few seconds.  Fortunately the movie is shown with captions, and it is not a movie that requires one to pay close attention. Eventually the drill ends and the captain thanks the crew and guests. The alarm strobe light continues and there is no movie sound.

After about 10 more minutes, time to find a phone, and call the front desk.  I am promised they will call the bridge. Shortly after I make it back to my seat the all clear signal that should have been sounded long ago is heard, and the movie audio returns.

When the movie concludes I head into town. If for no other reason than to say I got off the ship in every port. There are already two Carnival ships on the next piers, and shortly we are joined by the Majesty of The Seas.

After a walk through a number of shops, I head to Senor Frogs. This is becoming a habit.  I'm soon joined by Steve #1. There is no doubt left at all, the food is better than on the ship.

I head to the lounge a little before 5. This is the slowest I have seen it in two weeks, maybe at anytime on any ship. At 5:30 just before early dinner seating there are 3 customers in the entire lounge.

Time comes and goes for the ship to depart.  The names of 11 passengers are called, then again. No one approaches the pier, we leave them behind. I have never heard of so many passengers be left behind, but there is a first time for everything.  If the missing passengers were relying on cell phones or local time they would be an hour late. I wonder if the captain feels any guilt for not changing time this trip?

A bowl of chili for dinner, it  actually was pretty good. The Windjammer is busy again tonight, one actually has to look for an empty table. I head directly to the top tier party, over 600 crown and anchor members have been invited. David and Collene are top cruisers again. They bring the gift bottle of Champagne to the lounge to share.

In total there are 7 Pinnacle members, about 70 diamond plus and 75 diamond members on this cruise. The event is poorly attended, with only about about 50 in attendance. It is rumored they are going to stop having top tier events on 4 and 5 day cruises after the first of the year.

About a year ago Pinnacle C&A members were told there were changes coming they would like. I now know what that change is.  As ships are being refurbished they will be reconfigured to include the Coastal Kitchen and a lounge for exclusive use by Pinnacle and Suite guests. A much smaller lounge will be for all passengers Diamond and above and suites, often being located in a small interior room. In many cases the public crown lounge will be converted to suites and specialty restaurants. Maybe I will be Pinnacle before all the smaller ships will be converted.

The seas remain calm as we head Northeast towards Tampa. Tomorrow is my last sea day for this cruise.