April 23, 2024

Monday April 22 - At Sea

The weather is ideal. High 70's. The seas are following at less than 5 feet. Motion of the ship is negligible. In reality it takes pretty rough seas before ships of this size begin to roll or pitch.

Breakfast in Chops since many Pinnacle members  are barred from the Coastal Kitchen for this cruise because there are too many of us. Overhearing instructions to the crew yesterday, there are about 4000 passengers on board, about three quarters of capacity, and about 175 Pinnacle passengers, 3 1/2 times the  number last week.

Chops does not normally serve breakfast, and staff is pulled from many different areas for breakfast service. I don't want to say non functional as a team, but they need some practice. Or looking at it the other way, for the first day for the crew dong this, they manage.  I expect it will get better after a few days.

I can really tell the difference in the manifest of passengers. Pool chairs are not occupied by ghosts, and there is plenty of pool deck seating. The dance floors quickly fill with adults dancing, not chidren running around. Manhattans and old fashions seem to be the most popular drinks instead of a pretty concoction of many flavors, or bottles of beer.

The Royal Lounge instead of being empty all day is nearly full, mainly with groups of passengers playing cards or talking on cell phones with people back home.

Again we have our table to ourselves. I have no clue as to where the others assigned to table 6 are dining. Maybe in one of the specialty restaurants, or possibly one of the fortunate dining in Coastal Kitchen.  I do not say that disparagingly as the selection in the dining room is much larger, the portions much smaller which is more in alignment with how much I eat, and the service good, only slightly below what the Coastal Kitchen offers.

After dinner an hour or so in Bolero's and then to the main theater for the "Effectors". We get an excellent seat, center stage about 5 rows back. The theater is packed by showtime. Obviously the word spread quickly that this is a good show.

At bedtime the skies are mostly clear, the moon is near full reflecting off the ocean. Showers are expected later in the night.