March 15, 2016

World Cruise 2016 Day 70

Day 70 Singapore. We are in Singapore all day today, with an 8 PM all aboard time, and an expected departure at 10 PM. The temperatures are forecast to be a little more reasonable with highs in the mid 80's, again with a slight chance of rain.

My tour today is to the Jurong Bird Park. As is my usual pattern, after I shower I stop by the ice machine on deck 8 to make sure it is turned on. (half the time it isn't) I have a quick breakfast in the Lido, return to my room to gather whatever I need for the day, then go to the ice machine by the Lido pool to fill my water bottle with ice on my way to the tour gathering point in the theater.

After boarding the bus, I remove my camera from my shoulder bag, and it doesn't work. Further investigation revels the water bottle has leaked in addition to producing lots of condensation that sits in the bottom of my waterproof bag with my camera.

The bird park is well done, and very clean just like the rest of Singapore, but I have no pictures. Our tour guide is the same one I had two days ago, but this time he does a much better job.

On the way back to the ship, several drops of water drip from my camera. I suspect I have less than a 50% probability of ever getting the camera to work again. I make the quick decision to replace it here in Singapore. Of all the ports we are visiting, this is probably the one I would trust the most to make an electronics purchase. There is a very large mall adjacent to the pier.

While in the mall I also get a haircut, ensuring that I have been "clipped" here in Singapore. I hope it is only the hair, I won't know about the camera purchase until after I am home. The manual is only available on line, but most of the settings and it's use are intuitive enough that I should be OK.

After dinner, I go outside to "test" my new play toy. Definitely much better than my old camera.

The Oceania Insignia leaves port about 7:00. We loose the passengers that were scheduled to depart in Singapore plus several more because of medical emergencies. There have been so many medical departures I have no idea what the total count is. We also gain 20 new passengers, some going to Dubai, others to Florida.

With having to replace my camera I never did get to take the cable car or the subway system which I planned to do today. I understand the system is excellent and it very inexpensive. I could have purchased an unlimited 3 day pass for something like $20. Just another reason I may have to come back some day.

Last night our main entertainment was scheduled to be a group of singers and dancers from Singapore. About an hour before show time it was confirmed they were going to be no-shows. A movie was played instead. Tonight we have a Polish pianist Filip Wojciechowski. I will leave it to you to figure out the pronunciation.

By 9:30 the gangway is stored, but about 30 passengers have not returned their passports for inspection by Singapore officials. It takes about half an hour for everyone to resond to the numerous pages and we are underway by 10:20.

Tonight we set our clocks back an hour. Tomorrow is a day of at sea as we head North to Phuket, Thailand.