February 22, 2016

World Cruise 2016 Day 48

Day 48 – At sea. It currently is 90, with scattered clouds. The seas are near perfectly flat. We are sailing just south of the 18,000 islands that make up Indonesia, headed to our next port of Benoa, Bali, Indonesia. For the geographically challenged, we are 10 degrees South of the Equator, and 120 degrees East. The Captain's forecast for Bali is temperatures in the 90's with thunder storms and a 70% chance of rain. I won't melt from the rain, but maybe from the heat and humidity.

We are passing numerous volcanic islands about 8 miles to starboard. There are a few small fishing boats, and now that the water is calm I can again see the ever present floating trash.

The ocean temperature here is also 90 degrees. I don't think I mentioned this while I was in Australia, but despite miles of coastline, and warm waters, swimming in the ocean isn't possible in the northern half of the country because of salt water crocodiles that are quite aggressive, and box jellyfish which are called "stingers". They are about the size of a thumbnail, nearly invisible in the water, and have 30 foot tentacles which deliver a very painful sting.

This morning Barbara gave her talk on Semarang and Jakarta, our next two ports. To give a quick summary, it is going to be very hot and humid, and the traffic in Jakarta is the worst in the world. Even with extra time scheduled into the ship tours, they often are 2 or 3 hours late returning to the ship because of the traffic. She strongly discouraged passengers from trying to go very far on their own. Travel times are just too unpredictable.

Tomorrow we are expecting about 700 visitors, relatives of the crew, visiting the ship. There are also some crew members, like my stateroom attendant Agung, that will be getting off the ship to visit his family.

My tour tomorrow is to several artistic centers around Abud and then on to a Safari Park, where we have lunch amongst the lions and other wild animals. The real "Animal Kingdom" experience?

Before dinner I stop at the crow's nest to have a soft drink. Our latest entertainment is present. I learn Jack is his real name, When I chose the initials JA I was thinking a name that starts with Jack, but had no idea that really was his name. Shortly after I arrive a private party breaks up in part of the room. Jack walks around to the just vacated tables pouring any leftover champagne from customer glasses into his glass! Many times my daughter Adrienne told me I would probably have many interesting stories to tell, but I couldn't even begin to imagine a story like this would be one of them. This guy is a real nut case.

Our show tonight is English comedian Paul Adams. A good and clean show, and again a performer that works for HAL often.

Alarm for the morning just to be safe, but I should be up by 8 AM without it.