February 16, 2019

Feb 15, St Kitts

Our passage through the night is smooth and calm. Again plans have changed. We are docked at our usual pier in St Kitts. The Carnival Fascnation shares our pier, the Norwegian Dawn is across the harbor where we were expecting to dock. It will be busy in the shops.

I stay on the ship today and catch up on some emails. I have been listening to an E Book that expires in a few days. Hopefully I can finish it today.

Refueling is in process and if like last week will take most of the day. About a dozen crewmembers and staff are practicing righting a small 15 passenger inflatable life raft and pulling people into it from the water. This takes place in the main pool, a drill I have seen before, and an excercise in which I hope to never participate.

A comfortable place to write is in the Concierge Lounge. Occasionally I overhear interesting conversations like the couple this morning staying in a two bedroom suite ordering dinner to be delivered to thier cabin this evening, and needing chairs as all they have are balcony chairs. They order from the main dining room menu. Appetizer, main course and dessert will be delivered all together at the requested time. ( whenever they want as long as it is during regular dining hours.) Minor tasks for JJ. 

Many passengers have been in and out this morning, and no one has mentioned to JJ that we changed ports. The front desk was still telling passengers this morning we were at the other port, and passengers were surprised when they started down the pier.  When JJ learned of our true location it was mutually decided that everyone else on the ship had the correct information and that the Captain just got lost and pulled into the wrong pier.

The skies started out sunny, but have clouded over by mid day. The skies look like they will release a heavy deluge any minute, but there are just a few lite sprinkles through the afternoon. The temperatures are cool for this part of the world, maybe 75 with a nice breeze.

Returning to my cabin late in the afternoon I find a surprise. A plate of chocolate covered strawberries. Unlike the usual process, there is no note to say who they are from or why. Regardless, they were delicious. Often available in the Diamond and Concierge lounge, these are the first I have seen.

Between 4:00 and 4:30 the regulars begin to congregate in the Lounge. The bar tender and a helper arrive at 4:15. They finally have the process figured out, and have the bar ready by opening at 4:30.

Historically the lounge is often visited by various officers and staff. The 40 guests in the room probably represent 75 years  of cruising with Royal and have a good insight how this particular crew is functioning. So far in the past 15 days the only staff member to make an appearance is the future sales manager trying to sell future bookings.

I head to dinner about 5:20 so that I will arrive at my requested dining time of 5:30. I am usually punctual about such things. As I am waiting for an elevator, which tend to be scarce at this time of day, I chat with Mario, the Diamond Lounge Concierge. Other passengers gather, When an elevator arrives I excuse myself from conversation with Mario to which he replies he will ride down with me.

Several others overhead that comment and immediately jumped to a conclusion. "Are you OK?" I respond that I'm fine, Why?  "Do you want me go with you?" I'm headed to dinner. Oh, we thought Mario was taking you to the medical facility. There was a good laugh.

That is the way many passengers are, always ready to jump in and help a fellow passenger.

At dinner I learn about the strawberries. They came from our waiter. Unusual, as I wasn't aware a waiter had a budget for such things. The guests at  three of his tables received them, probably an attempt by the dining room staff to apologize for the behavior of his other table earlier in the cruise.

Our headliner entertainer tonight is Lisa, a singer. She boarded late this afternoon and will probably leave tomorrow but doesn't say. The early show is nearly full. She does a good job despite indications of her being exhausted.

Tonight we head to St Lucia at a speed of 17 knots. The seas are about 3 feet, and the ships motion is negligible.