April 25, 2016

World cruise 2016 Day 111

Day 111 – At Sea in the North Atlantic roughly 2200 miles east of Florida. This morning the wind, seas, and ship motion has subsided. The temperature is about 70 under sunny skies. Our speed has inched back up to just over 19.5 knots. Since setting our original course for Ft. Lauderdale the captain has modified our course three times, taking us further South each time. He gave us his usual weather forecast earlier today, but I was unable to hear it.

Another day of not much interesting. They try another art auction, attendance is better at about 20 guests. This afternoon there will be the guest entertainment show. Gene tells us about it, but participation was so sparse it is not even listed in the daily program. The minimum number of participants wasn't reached until this morning.

A "Garage Sale" was held for all the guests this morning. The opportunity to try and get rid of some of the junk that passengers shouldn't have bought in the first place. I shouldn't be, but was surprised, at the piles of stuff people wanted to part with. Looked great when they bought it, but not worth carting home.

The main pool and hot tubs have been drained. With the rocking of the ship yesterday, three crew members spent the entire day pushing water off the deck. I also suspect some of the water leaks in cabins on deck 7 were sourced by the pool sloshing. Crew are caulking and painting the upper border of the pool today.

The guest entertainment show is much better than I had anticipated. None of the performances were bad, and several were better than some of the professional entertainers HAL and the passengers paid big bucks for.

Tonight is the first time I remember Porterhouse steak being on the dining room menu even though it is on the Pinnacle Grill menu every day for two upcharges. (One upcharge just to eat in the Pinnacle, another to order the porterhouse steak.) Somehow I come to the conclusion we are resorting to leftovers. I had mine grilled to order in the Lido. Much better than the dining room.

"Island Magic", a steel drum band from Trinidad, is our main entertainment tonight. They are very good, and perform classical music instead of the calypso and island music usually played by an island band. Again we turn our clocks back 1 hour tonight. One more time zone and we will be in the Eastern Time Zone. I'm not sure if the time zones shown on the ship take into account daylight savings time or not. You would think so but....