November 02, 2017

Two Weeks Later

I should be in the Gulf of Mexico headed to Galveston, but I have been home for two weeks since my unexpected visit to a trauma center in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

After several more Doctor appointments, and three visits to the lab for more blood work, I can now safely report with 95% certainty that my whole episode was the result of a side effect to a medication combined with the effects of a nasty cold.

The cold is gone, my ears have returned to normal, and I no longer, and never will again, take the suspected offending medication.

I still am awaiting the results of the last round of testing, but should have them in about a week. When I asked my Doctor if I should view the whole thing as a pothole in the road, or the start of a downhill slide, she laughed and emphatically said it was just a pothole, and that I may resume my travels.

I now carry two additional medicines in my emergency travel kit, just in case something like this ever happens again. I leave in three weeks for two back to back cruises on The Serenade of The Seas. First, to what's left of the Eastern Caribbean islands, and the second to the southern Caribbean including my favorite port of Curacao.