April 18, 2016

World Cruise 2016 Day 104

Day 104 – Barcelona, Spain. Our ship is cleared about half an hour late. The temperature is 55, and is predicted to reach a high of 65 later in the day.

There is a notice in the "Today on Location" bulletin that we must carry our passports today. This wasn't the case when I checked four months ago, but things change. Just as I enter the Queen's Lounge to gather for my tour, Amy announces there was a misprint, and passports are not required. Being on a tour I feel quite confident in getting back to the ship, and return my passport to the room safe.

I head for the bus which is about half full, and we leave the port to begin our "Panoramic Barcelona" tour. Within 10 minutes there is an outcry from several rows behind me. "I'm sick, please stop the bus." The escort checks with the gentleman and then talks to the guide. The cries continue. "Let me off the bus, I can't take this." "Let me get off and pick me up on the way back." The guide explains that we don't come back on the same road, and there is no place to stop. We continue on our way. The escort sits with the upset passenger.

We arrive shortly at our first stop, Montjuic Hill, the "sick" passenger gets off the bus, and surprisingly returns at the proper time. It is the same passenger that yesterday was taken back to the ship. Several of us that were with him yesterday have concluded he has some mental issues, and of course HAL can't refuse him if he wants to take an excursion, and also must take him seriously if he says he is sick. He allegedly is traveling with his wife, but no one has ever seen him with anyone. I guess I know how to pick the most interesting tours, or maybe they all like this?

The tour is OK. Except for our stop at the top of Montjuic Hill, pictures are nearly impossible. That's why I take a lot and maybe I'll get lucky with one or two.

At the conclusion of the tour, I have time to take the shuttle back into town, but elect to do my laundry instead. Several days ago, probably in Rome, I hurt my knee, and its hurts slightly to climb stairs. Doing laundry is a wiser choice. No one else is there, not even a comedian in distress.

Barcelona is a large port. There are at least 4 other cruise ships that arrive after we do, the Croisiere De France Zenith, the Viking Star, the Costa Favolosa, and the Costa Diadema. Large ferries run routes throughout the med from here. Cargo ships are loading grain for export, container ships are loading and unloading general cargo, and tankers bring in oil and refined petroleum products. Sitting on the pier across from us are two 46 wheel trucks each carrying a steel ring about 12 feet in diameter, 2 feet long and 18 inches thick, probably for a bearing. I don't think we take on provisions, but we do take on fuel, and unload some garbage.

Today we lost quite a few passengers, I expect more than will board the ship. We are the last cruise ship to leave tonight at 8:00 PM. Tomorrow we will be at sea all day headed towards the straight of Gibraltar and then on to Cadiz, Spain the following day.

There is no show tonight, just a movie. I will retire early.