March 25, 2022

Day 5 Curacao

Curacao, the port I would say is my most favorite in the Caribbean. We arrive on time, not a hard task as it is only a few hours from Aurba.

No room service for breakfast, the buffet instead. Freshly made mini waffles with fruit.  The waffles are excellent, and the fruit topping is served hot. An excellent start to the day. As expected all food is served, the days of self service hopefully a thing of the past. Napkins, silverware, and beverages are brought to the table. The staff is plentiful and attentive.

I deliberately wait for others to depart the ship first. A step that was probably not necessary as there are so few passengers.

Yesterday I found the walk in Aruba uncomfortable.  A byproduct of maturity I am sure. More likely the result of too little activity caused by the pandemic. Today I prepare with a few Tylenol before starting. Along with a slow pace and  frequent pauses, it works.

Construction projects that were underway when I was here a few months ago have progressed substantially. Some of the colorful buildings are getting a new coat of paint. A task that is frequently required.

My kids often will pick up a 30 pound round of Gouda cheese here. I look, but common sense says that I don't want to carry it home. Maybe if I were still 30.

Most of the shops are now thriving. A Pause for a beverage and to watch the movable bridge for a spell. Within about a 40 minute time span it opens three times to allow boats to pass. Many  pedestrians ignore the warnings not to start across. They become trapped untill the bridge closes and the gates are opened.

In an unexpected move two days ago the Panamanian government told the ship they wanted to inspect all passports before we would be allowed into the canal and the port of Colon. All passports were collected. Now they have changed thier minds. Passports will be randomly inspected as we go ashore. Passports are returned to everyone, we will see what happens in Panama.

We head west towards Panama, leaving Curacao about 4:00 PM. Two passengers are missing. Whether left behind or getting on board without having thier cards scanned I will never know.

The seas have built to 6 to 6 1/2 meters. About 18 to 20 feet.  Running at nearly 20 knots with stabilizers extended and a following sea, motion on the ship is minimal. No one is complaining.

The production show is good. The dancers talented, and the digital grapic sets impressive. Of course I have my ear plugs, but they may not have been required. Most of the entertainment is played at a reasonable level.

Tomorrow is a sea day as we travel towards the Panama Canal. A few showers can be seen in the distance, and the cloud cover builds as we move west.