April 16, 2024

April 14 and 15, Sea days.

We are cruising at about 20 knots, and will reach Curacao after 2 days. The seas picked up a little as we passed east of Cuba, but then subsided as the day progressed. Temperatures have remained in the upper 70's with partly to mostly cloudy skies. We have encountered no rain.

The pool deck remains packed, many are getting unexpected sunburns, fooled by the cloudy conditions.

There are quite a few young children here, apparently related to schools in the north east being on spring break.

The top tier party is sparsely attended. There are 51 Pinnacle passengers, 427 diamond and 211 diamond plus.  Held in the 270 lounge, Lynn and I were the only guests to sit upstairs, hardly keeping the server busy.

Yesterday's production show, Effectors, was spectacular not so much for the story line, but for the special effects with scenery changes, lasers, and drones that fly over the audience.

A few passengers and some of the staff were confused in the Coastal Kitchen this morning as the "day" signs in the elevators did not get properly changed. Most were changed to "Monday", but several were left on "Sunday". For many passengers, this is the only way to know what day it is.

So far the "Royal Lounge" as it has now been named remains sparsely used, and it is becoming my go to spot to write.

The elegant suites lounge on deck 13 aft likewise is not used very much.  Probably because of it's inconvenient location. I will enjoy while I can. I have heard there are four times as many Pinnacle members on the Atlantic crossing.

We attend a back stage tour. By far the most spacious backstage I have ever seen on a ship.  The lighting in the dressing rooms is so much better than the lighting in the cabins. The production manager can run the entire show from a laptop control panel, but he usually uses a larger console backstage. Everything is timed and automatic, be he must clear every physical movement before it can take place.Primarily for safety reasons.

Dinner is NY strip steak. Excellent as expected, but the porton is too large.

There is a family at the next table in the Coastal Kitchen with two very young children. We may have just passed a couple of ducks to the mom. The children were estatic.

The main show tonight is four singers from Vegas singing a tribute to Frankie Vallie and The Four Seasons. the house was packed long before showtime.

Early in the  morning we arrive in Curacao. The weather the past two days has been pleasant with partly sunny skies. Curacao has an extreme heat warning for tomorrow with the heat index expected over 100 by mid afternoon. Many sun burns for sure.