March 22, 2016

World Cruise 2016 Day 77

Day 77 - Colombo, Sri Lanka. This is our second, and last, day in Colombo. At sun rise the temperature is already 90 and the humidity 75%. There is no breeze.

This is a very busy deep water port with numerous container ships loading or unloading. The ship's data screen says the sea depth is 120 feet, certainly more than enough for any ships being built today. There really isn't any sort of cruise terminal, we are just docked with the container ships, and the tour buses drive right to the ship. The only security check point is about a mile away at the entrance to the entire pier area. Several piers away another cruise ship docked this morning, the Europa 2. Most likely related to the Europa that we saw in Melbourne.

Local vendors have set up a dozen or so booths on the pier selling the usual stuff, tee shirts, local crafts, and jewelry and gemstones of questionable quality. I walk thru the area, but do not see anything I can't live without. It's great to not be a shopper otherwise my stateroom would be overflowing with junk.

With no breeze at all, I expect it is only going to get warmer as the day progresses. I have a short two hour "Panoramic Colombo" tour at 11. It is basically a bus tour with possibly a couple of short stops. It is all I care to do in today's heat. Tonight we head to Dubai, 2000 miles to the Northwest, where it still will be hot, but the humidity should be lower.

A number of passengers left the ship yesterday to head to India for 6 days to visit Delhi, the Taj Mahal, and other sites, before returning to the ship in Dubai.

I made a stop at the Spa this morning after breakfast, not for any treatments, but to use the scale. I'm amazed, I have not gained any weight since I first weighed myself there a week or so into the cruise. It never occurred to me to weigh myself when I boarded in Ft. Lauderdale, I should have. Weight control is a major issue for many passengers. One gentleman, that will remain unnamed, confided that he can no longer get into most of his clothes.

As we leave port this evening there are about a dozen ships anchored outside the harbor. I suspect they too are the victims of a slowed international economy.

Debby has been sick for the last three days, she returns to the piano tonight, but really should still be in bed recovering. Our main show tonight, "The Fly Rights" from London, sing songs from the 50's and 60's.

While we were in port with the ship free of movement, some razor wire was installed in preparation for sailing thru areas where pirates are still active. The captain said we will be given written instructions tomorrow night, and the crew will be holding anti-pirate training drills over the next several days.

Tonight we set our clocks back 30 minutes.