November 01, 2018

The Start of Many Sea Days

As we leave Malaga the weather hasn't improved much. Rain and wind continues and the temperature is in the 50's. The seas are moderate and the ship begins to roll as soon as we leave the harbor.

Steve, Adrienne's husband, is not feeling well, and will not be dining tonight, I take his place at the table in the dining room. The food and service is good, and there are no passengers at the table that make the experience any less pleasant.

Most outside areas remain closed, not that there are many passengers that would want to venture out. About 11PM we pass through the Strait of Gibralta. From the ship there is not much to see except lights in Africa off the port side of the ship, and lights from Europe on the starboard side.

During the night as we enter the North Atlantic the seas build. By the morning of the 31st the ship is rolling enough that most passengers have to be careful as they walk. The wind can be heard howling in many of the hallways,  and the ship creaks and moans as she plows through the 15 foot waves hitting directly on our bow. A major low pressure system, the remains of hurricane Oscar, is on the North side of us, the major influence on our weather. It is expected that the temperatures and weather will improve as we progress south westerly towards Florida.

Because of the weather all of the aqua shows have been rescheduled for later in the cruise as has tonight's performance of Hairspray.

The ship is decorated for Halloween, many passengers have decorated  their cabin doors and have brought costumes for a contest and  party tonight, Halloween night. Several cabins down the hall a guest has hung a trick or treat bag filled with chocolates.

By noon time the temperature reaches the low 60's. Warm enough that the jogging track becomes attractive for many. The skies are mostly cloudy, with an occasional glimpse of bright sun, and an occasional shower. The wind across the bow is in excess of 50 knots, keeping many of the outside areas closed.

Over 200 guests participate in the costume contest. I'm impressed with the quality of some of the costumes, rivaling anything a professional could do.  It is after midnight when the prizes are awarded, too late for this sailor even if I get an extra hour of sleep as we set our clocks back one hour tonight.