January 18, 2016

World Cruise 2016 Day 13

Day 13 – Sunny skies have returned. The air temperature is about 80. The 25 knot wind is mostly on our stern and the following seas are probably 4 feet. At 9:30 AM We were about 1100 miles from our next port, and had traveled 4200 miles since leaving Florida. In case anyone is thinking about jumping ship, the closest land, other than the sea floor, is also 1100 miles away. Today the ship has a slow pitch, but no roll. I suspect a slightly larger ship would experience no motion at all. With no roll, I walk the outside promenade.

I really had anticipated using the pools, but have learned that the environment is such that I don't want to take the risk of slipping or falling. The decks around the pools are very slippery when wet, and the only way in and out of the pool is to climb over the side or use a ladder. There are no steps or handrails around the pool. My next swim will where I live, probably in May, at the North Spa Pool.

The internet this morning was the best it has been yet. I guess everyone is watching football and not trying to read or send emails. I quickly send yesterday's post.

It has been several days since the birds gave up flying with us, and we have not seen any other ships since the fishing boats spotted 5 days ago. The commercial shipping lanes from Asia to the Panama canal are far to our North, and those ships too large for the canal and headed around South America are far to our South. One thing that is still visible every few minutes is bits of floating garbage. Usually chunks of Styrofoam cups or plastic water bottles.

Early this afternoon I did spot small dolphins about 50 yards off our port side. There were well over 100 of them. Of course I didn't have my camera. By the time I went to my cabin and returned they were out of sight.

Barbara's talk this morning was introduced by four Polynesian natives in native costume doing a traditional dance. They are on board for various enrichment programs for the passengers such as learning to play the Ukulele, making Polynesian shell jewelery, and learning Polynesian dance. They have also held classes on Polynesian history and language.

Barbara tells us that our docking arrangements in Papeete have been changed, she says for the better. The knowledge she has gained in her 25 years with Holland America, and the fact that she remembers so many minute details is amazing.

I get in about in hour of reading, then the battery in my Kindle was almost dead. Even when totally powered off, the battery runs down. Have I mentioned that I now realize I made a mistake when I bought a Kindle?

Eight days ago I mentioned that one of our entertainers boarded in Florida without her luggage and instruments. Well, now that her luggage has arrived and the entertainment schedule reworked, Sarah Chandler will be our entertainer in The Queen's Lounge tonight. Sarah is from the UK, and plays several saxophones and the flute, accompanied by the Amsterdam orchestra. The quality of the entertainment has been good.

I go to the Lido for dinner. The turkey is real turkey breast not the chopped, formed and rolled variety. Two slices with sweet potatoes is more than enough. I am slowly becoming a convert to dining in the Lido instead of the dining room. The selection is better, the food always hot, a pet peeve of mine, and the service of course is at my pace instead of being at the mercy of other guests and demands on the waiter.

Speaking of dining, everyone on the full World Cruise is invited to dine with the Captain. My invitation is for March 26, 2016. I honestly don't think I ever in my life have made a dining reservation over two months in advance. Captain Jonathan Mercer seemed very personable during the Captains reception, but I never see him around the ship like is common on many vessels. In fact there are two other captains that I see more often. Passengers, both licensed captains, but not licensed for the tonnage of this vessel. In the event of an emergency I would be willing to overlook that detail.

For anyone wondering exactly where I am, the ship is at 4 degrees 46 minutes south, 123 degrees 39 minutes west at 9:44 PM ships time, or 2:14 AM Eastern time.