December 03, 2017

Day 10 – At Sea

This is our second sea day on our return to Ft Lauderdale. The temperatures are a little cooler, in the low seventies. The skies are mostly clear with a few scattered clouds. The wind is out of the North East making the apparent wind on deck about 35 mph. The seas still have a five or six foot swell with two to three foot waves, enough to give the ship some motion.

Probably considered an ideal day by most passengers the pool is crowded and every lounge chair is occupied or covered by a towel. The lobsters in the dining room tonight will not be the ones that scour the sea floors looking for food, but the two legged ones that sat in the wind and the sun too long today.

It has been learned that this is the last scheduled cruise for our Captain Tor Olsen. He is retiring from being a regular captain to accept a promotion. My understanding is that he will be working with multiple captains in his new position, and not assigned to just one ship. Sort of a Captain's Captain.

There will be about 65 passengers staying on for a back to back cruise. More about that process tomorrow.

Unfortunately we are losing our servers in the Concierge Lounge. Next week there are 150 guests here for a private poker tournament. They will not be using the casino, but playing in the conference center. This has resulted in all the beverage servers being reassigned for the next cruise to accommodate the endless poker games.

We pass several other cruise ships headed south. One was a Carnival ship, and I think the other may have been a Royal Caribbean Oasis class ship but I am not sure. The seas have flattened out by the end of the day, and luggage is beginning to be placed in the hallways by dinner time. Our show tonight is Scott Henry, a comedian. He is better than most.

Since we set our clocks back one hour tonight I will stay up for the band playing Jazz music in the Safari Club from 9:30 to ?? It's nice not to have to pack.