November 06, 2018

Day 9, Mon Nov 5 2018

This morning the seas and the weather are just about the same. The temperatures have risen a few degrees to 77, otherwise conditions remain the same. 

Another attempt will be made to hold the Aqua shows tonight. The new ice is frozen in the ice rink, and the second ice show is also scheduled for tonight. We will see what happens.

Many guests have moved from the interior spaces to the pool decks to work on their tans as the temperatures have increased. This passenger has remained in his cabin most of the day as I have the beginning symptoms of a simple head cold.  There have been many passengers coughing and sneezing the last several days, so this comes as no surprise. One of the risks of traveling with over 5000 passengers from 60 or 70 countries around the world in relatively crowded quarters.

This ship, as do a few others, have hand washing sinks at the entry to the buffet. Compliance appears to be much higher than with the use of sanitizers which are often reported in the scientific community as not doing much good anyway.

I am scheduled for the Aqua show late in the evening, but am able to find a standing spot at the 8:00 show.

A group of us has been sharing internet access. So far access speed has been very acceptable for my limited use. Probably 5 minutes a day allows me to check e-mail and send posts to the blog. We have been promised that on Wednesday we will receive detailed information on the process in Port Canaveral and Miami. If my cold persists, I will pass on meeting up with my grand daughter.  I will wait until she is a little older to expose her to a cold I know I have.

We do not set our clocks back tonight, something we have been doing almost daily. We have one more hour of adjustment to get to Florida time.  Without cell service, my phone time is 5 hours off, I think still on Malaga time, the last time I used it.