August 12, 2018

Headed Back To Sea

It has been too many months. I had to cancel a few trips and was stuck here in Florida, but that is now all behind me as my doctors have given me the green light to resume travels. Next Saturday I will be headed to Miami to board the Celebrity Equinox for 16 days.

I now travel with a new permanent friend, a computer in my chest that keeps my heart functioning better. For those of you that believe in conspiracy theories, you realize this was sanctioned by our government and paid through them. An implanted device that some would think can track my every movement, every conversation and litterally every heartbeat. For you the ultimate in big brother watching.

Yes, the technology is amazing. Every heartbeat is not recorded, but any abnormal ones are and medical staff at a monitoring facility are notified immediately. And yes, from any location in the world where I am in range of cell service. I guess they could back track to see where I am, but who cares.

As part of this process I volunteered to participate in a medical study. More on that later when I have nothing else to write about.  

The first week takes me to San Juan, Saint Thomas, and Saint Maarten. After a brief return to Miami, the next nine days I will visit Key West, Aruba, Bonaire and my favorite location in the Caribbean, Curacao.

Gone is my laptop. This is all being composed on my phone with a small folding keyboard which connects via blue tooth. I think this is resulting in about an 8 pound reduction in the weight of my luggage. This is stupid statement if you think about it. If you can read this, the new process is working.  If the process doesn't work you won't know the difference. 

The next few days are pretty much consumed by dentist and doctor visits. Friday I pack and leave the house at 4:30 Saturday morning to catch a bus. I have taken the "Cruise Connection" bus to Miami on previous trips and was planning to do the same this time. when I went to make my reservation I learned they don't operate June thru October. Move on to plan two. bus to Miami airport and then a shuttle to the port. I will share my opinion on how well this works when I return home, assuming I do. Return home that is.