September 22, 2018

Thursday September 20th, Cozumel, Mexico

There is confusion as we approach the port in Cozumel. The Majesty of the Seas has docked at the pier we are supposed to be at. The captains and the port authorities work it out and we pull into the other side of the International pier. I can't see where it makes much difference except either moving the gangway to the other side of the ship, or turning the ship around before it is docked instead of when we leave.  Regardless, we dock, the ship is cleared and the exodus begins at 8:30.

I slowly get around and head to town after all the tours have departed. I share a cab with others headed to Ponchos, a favorite hangout for food and drink. I head to the shopping area, on an errand for my daughter.  I pass the "No Name Bar", a favorite hangout for crew members. They have a new much larger entrance than the last time I was here. I can only assume the drinks, free internet, and  ocean frontage are the same.

The Carnival Freedom is at the old pier, not to be confused with the Royal ship Freedom of The Seas, which is often just referred to as the Freedom.

There are two Senor Frogs, one located very close to each pier. I will let you solve this puzzle.  The Senor Frogs next to the Freedom, the Carnival ship with a known reputation for drinking and partying, is totally void of customers. The Senor Frogs next to where the Brilliance is docked is packed, without an empty table. I wait 5 minutes to be seated. Have the reputations been erroneously assigned? Are the carnival passengers partied out? Or are the passengers from the Royal ships starving for a good drink and some food. I have no guess one way or the other.

I'm back to the ship by 2:30 or so having made my contribution to the Mexican economy. Yes a beer and sandwich at the busy Frog.

By 3:00 clouds are beginning to build. There definitely is rain in the area, but none falls on the ship today.

I always felt the Majesty, one of Royal's oldest ships was smaller than the Brilliance. I can't speak for tonnage, the usual measure of ship size, but she is definitely taller than we are as I sit in the lounge looking up at the bottom of her Crown Lounge. That almost sounds inappropriate.

Time to clean up for 3 1/2 hour cocktail hour. The lounge is busy, but not crowded. The A/C has been worked on. But is barely adequate with the hot humid air coming in from outside everytime someone walks within 10 feet of the door. I can assure you that there is no hot air being generated  by the guests.

All aboard is 5:30 with an expected departure of 6:00. We finally depart a few minutes after 7:00. I have no clue as to why. The Carnival Freedom is still moored as we pass by, but an hour later she passes us, and rapidly leaves us in her wake.

Cocktail time is interrupted by the Crown and Anchor party for the majority of crown and anchor members. There are 25 Pinnacle, 163 Diamond Plus, and 225 Diamond members on board. The 3 top cruisers are recognized. The captain is leaving for vacation time, and several other staff members are going to the Harmony for the President's cruise over the next few weeks.  It is actually sold as the Presidents cruise, a cruise where corporate officers are on the ship. In reality there is more than one president's cruise.

I have not returned to the dining room since  the first night, but have run into Nancy and Judy several times.  Sleeveless has been showing up, always late, and tonight in a swimsuit. Do you think he showered before the pool? Or is the pool his shower? Yuk!

This ship just completed a crossing from Europe before this cruise, a fact apparent by some of the provisions bearing labels from England, France, Germany, South Africa, etc.

We are cruising at a very comfortable 15 knots. The seas remain calm as they have been since leaving Tampa last Monday. Tomorrow will be a sea day.

Friday, a Sea Day

I have an early breakfast at 8:15. The Windjammer is nearly empty, many passengers electing to get their last chance to sleep late.

At 9:00 I tour the bridge with about 15 other passengers. The ceilings and walls are painted a dark blue, a color I haven't seen used on a bridge before.  The layout is similar to all other cruise ship bridges. Several miles in front of us we can see the Majesty, the only other traffic in sight. she passed us during the night, but we are told that as we approach Tampa Bay, we will be in front of them because of where we are docking.

At 10 there is a meeting for all passengers staying on the ship for the next cruise. There are about 50 of us. This is the first time where I have done back to back cruises and had to change cabins. The process is about the same, but I need to pack all my belongings except for hanging clothes, and then in the morning my cabin steward will move everything to my new cabin. 

I have only one problem. I have no idea what my next cabin number is. I think it is is wise idea to find out just so I can make sure my cabin steward moves everything to the right place. I always knew the concierge was  here for a reason.