November 02, 2018

Thursday Nov 1

The seas have calmed considerably, and the captain forecasts that the weather will improve as we slowly make our way across the Atlantic. He has chosen the longer, but more southernly rhumb line course instead of the great circle route to give us better probability of warmer temperatures. 

This morning the temperatures are in the high 60's, and passengers begin to venture outdoors. The flowriders are busy, and a few people are sitting outside by the pool in deck chairs.

When I first venture out into central park it begins to sprinkle. What can I say, my timing sometimes isn't the best. The dampness ends by the time I reach the other end of the park, and soon the sun returns.

The headliner entertainer is a magician, usually acts that I enjoy. I found myself asleep several times during the show, I guess I wasn't impressed. I slip into the ice show and watch their last performance for this cruise. Actually it was the third time I've seen it this week. I am still impressed with the skating skills on such a small rink. The beginning of the show includes about 50 drones with LED lights. All in keeping with Royal trying to incorporate the latest technology.

The bionic bar is working, but gets no interest from the passengers, they could care less. I hope Royal feels they have gotten their moneys worth from using it for advertising beause at least on this cruise they won't pay for it with the drink revenue it generates.

I enjoy the jazz club for about an hour and then head to the cabin for the night. We again turn our clocks back an hour tonight as we will for a total of 6 nights as we progress westerly.  West bound travel is much easier on the body and its internal clock than east bound where you lose an hour at each time zone.

By bedtime the wind and seas have dropped considerably. There is still a little roll to the ship, but most of the creaking and howling has ceased.