October 28, 2022

October, 27, 2022 st. John's Antigua

Our ship pulls into port close to our expected arrival time. The Azipod propellers and the bow thrusters kick up a lot of mud. I can only speculate that we have very little water under the keel.

The skies remain grey and gloomy all day with no sun. The beachgoers and sunbathers did not have thier best day.

I remain on the  ship, as I often do. Lynn took a brief walk ashore. Most of the available tours were for a trip to the beach or snorkeling. Not much interest here.

Internet on this ship is something like $25 per day. I do get 90 minutes compliments of being an Elite member, and I give myself the challenge to make the 90 minutes last the entire cruise, knowing I can purchase more time if needed.

5 days into the cruise I have managed to only use about 6 minutes. While in port I usually can connect to my cell carrier which gives me free text and data.  Life remains connected.

I think it is official, definitely confirmed in the Sky Lounge, no more club soda on the ship, but I am able to get diet tonic instead. The quinine is good for malaria, but not in the quantities in a drink. 

We head to the dining room early and tell our waiter that we would like to finish in time for the 7:00 PM show.  He obliges and we are headed out the door at 6:35.

The show is a combination of two previous guest performers. NYC3 and Ashlie Amber.  the 7:00 show is not nearly as crowded. No club soda here, I just had to ask. The show is good, even better as I remembered to bring my quality ear plugs. 

I should have done this years ago. For years I used the foam ear plugs, and they help, but different frequencies are attenuated different amounts. The ones I use now attenuate all frequencies nearly the same so the tonal quality of the performance is not distorted like was the case with the foam ear plugs.

A dish of real ice cream ends the day. Yes they have soft serve here, but more importantly they have about 6 or 8 flavors of real ice cream made daily on the ship. Severed until 10 PM in the Oceanview Cafe.

The seas remain the same, and the skies still cloudy as we head to our next port of Castries, St Lucia, expecting to arrive at 8:00 AM.