February 11, 2019

Two days at Sea

During the night the seas increase to about 2 meters, enough to give a little motion to the ship. Being in an inside cabin, as I always am on a ship, I have no clue as to what is happening outside. I turn on the TV and turn to the channel with the bridge cam as I am thinking of getting up for the day. Water is streaming over the window in front of the camera, it must be pouring out. I head for breakfast in the Solarium. I am surprised to see blue skies and bright sunshine. Apparently just as I turned the TV on, the windows were being washed on the bridge. Pictures can lie.

I have internet service for the next two days, compliments of Royal and my loyalty level. Emails are  answered and several other tasks are taken care of and then I spend most of the rest of the morning working on stuff for the train club. After a few hours the battery in my laptop gives out, ending that. I will have many more days.

With the nice sun, and temperatures in the upper 70's, and no rain I might add, the Solarium and pool decks are full. There is barely a chair without a towel. Do notice I didn't say the chairs were full with people.  As on many ships, people "reserve" a spot by laying out a towel and placing a  book or other object to hold it until they return, possibly many many hours later. No reserving of chairs is another policy that is totally ignored and never enforced.

Tonight is formal night, again. Lobster tails for those that are so inclined. I will have either prime rib or cheese tortelloni. I'm not sure if it is the three cheese variety or not. You would think if it were they would advertise the fact. Maybe my waitess and assistant wll be back and I can find out the true story for yesterday's absence.

The lounges have now reversed, the Concierge lounge is quiet and peaceful at happy hour, the Diamond lounge and the overflow to the Vortex Lounge is very loud. 

I decide on the tortelloni for an appetizer, and a slice of prime rib. The tortelloni is good, but not as I remember the three cheese. The beef is as I ordered, but doesn't hold a candle to what I have at home.

I learn the truth from our waiter. They were given the day off for being the top sales team in the dining rooms. Sales such as specialty dining, cookbooks, and the upcharged meals in the dining room.

The show this evening is a production show with the singers and dancers. Reserved seating isn't needed tonight as the theater is only 80% full. The schooner bar afterwards, much less. I imagine people are winding down as the end of the cruise is approaching for most pasengers.

When I return to my stateroom, my clean laundry has been delivered. Clean clothes for another week.

By morning  the seas have increased to almost three meters with waves mostly on the bow.  The ship rides nicely with a little roll and pitch. The centrum elevator cables slap against the elevator shafts with a loud crack like the sound of a bullwhip. Most passengers take it in stride, some are greatly distressed. 

Midday the skies become mostly cloudy, with temperatures in the upper 70's. The pool chairs remain in high demand, but the sloshing of the pool water keeps passengers out of the pools. Our speed has slowed a  bit to just over 17 knots, I'm sure still fast enough to arrive in Port Everglades on time.

The last day for most passengers, suitcases to be packed, farewells to be exchanged.

Both lounges are very loud and very busy tonight. One drink and off to dinner. An egg noodle carbonara is my best option. I expected peas in it, there were none.

Leaving the dining room I request the same table for the next 11 days. Waiter assignments have not been made yet, so I may or may not have the same wait staff. Regardless the location is good, close to the galley and close to the windows.

I expect animal control will be sent to my cabin soon. It is overrun with koala bears, elephants, and mice among other white species. The bottles of rum have been brought to my cabin. No cross checking to see that I will be on the ship for another month. What an easy way to get your own liquor on board if you are doing multiple cruises. Sorry Alyssa if the rum doesn't make it home.

We are expected to arrive in Port Everglades before 7:00 for turnaround day. I set my alarm  for 7:30 just to be sure. With turning our clocks back to Florida time, I expect to be awake long before I need to be.