February 07, 2019

Feb 6, St. Johns, Antigua

There are three ships in port this morning, The Serenade of The Seas, the much larger Royal Princess, and the much smaller Silver Spirit. The skies are completely overcast and a light rain just heavy enough to soak you in a few minutes. The air temperature feels much cooler than the reported 81. Maybe the skies will clear later in the day.

Another day for more crew training. Simultaneously there is a fire drill on one of the crew decks and a life boat drill which involves all the lifeboats on the starboard side of the ship. Once launched they randomly run around the harbor. One boat gets too far from the ship, and the harbor police approach him with lights flashing, I can only guess to direct him to stay closer to the mother ship.

Because of the inclement weather, many passengers remain on board today, and an extra movie in the theater is added to the entertainment schedule. There are diffenet movies that play about 4 times a day in the cinema, two movies that play continuously on TV, and often a movie on the big screen by the pool each night.

By 1:00 the rain has almost stopped, and I venture off the ship. Bars, shops and casinos packed right up to the water's edge. The street and walkways are crowded. I return to the ship, mostly dry, before the next band of showers rolls by.

The Silversea's Silver Spirit is bunkered from a barge that pulls alongside. The barge is about 70% as long as the cruise ship.

I forgo the Concierge Lounge and go to the Diamond Lounge instead. The entire Vortex lounge is being used for overflow so there is no issue with not being able to find seating. The noise level is much lower, and the server is much more competant than those I encountered in the other lounge.

The sun finally comes out in full force about an hour before sunset. Many passengers are hoping for a picture worthy sunset, but just before sundown the sun passes behind some clouds. No sunset pictures to take home today.

The menu is unappealing this evening so I settle for the ever present strip steak. Tough by my standards, but more or less what I expected.

It is billed as a jazz set in the Centrum, and I know it is my maturity and preconceived ideas, but two guitars and a piano don't make up what I would call a Jazz band. Later in the evening the entire orchestra is in the Centrum. Much much better.

The headliner entertainer this evening is a comedian and magician. He plays to a packed house, and does a good job. Some of the simpler, almost obvious, slight of hand tricks he explains if you want to watch. I fell it's better for the future if you don't know how a trick is performed and just enjoy it for its entertainment value.

A set or two of piano music in the Schooner bar and it is time for bed. The seas remain calm, and we will cruise along at about 7 knots to our next port of St. Kitts.