November 17, 2019

Fri Nov 15 Final Port

We arrive in Port Everglades a few minutes late. I guess the currents weren't as strong as the captain has estimated. The Celebrity Edge is across the harbor from us. I am scheduled to disembark at 8:20. when I arrive in the lounge to wait, I find it packed. No one is off the ship yet! Usually by now half of the passengrs are gone.

There is a problem getting any luggage off the ship. I don't know if it a mechanical problem, a customs inpection problem or a dock worker labor issue.  The end result is the same. No one is leaving.

Eventually the process starts. It takes me longer than usual to gather my luggage. First of all because I never had to find 4 suitcases before, and secondly the suitcase gorillas thought some of the nines were sixes and put two suitcases in the wrong location.

The next delay was waiting for a porter. The were in very limited supply, and the demand for them on this ship was probably higher than most because of the mature demographics of the passengers.

Getting thru customs was a breeze, probably my Global Entry and the fact I was using a porter saved me an hour.

No one else is waiting for the parking lot shuttle bus. Not many passengers left cars here so I give them a call. Within 15 minutes the bus arrives to pick up 3 passengers. He takes me directly to my car, and helps load the luggage in the back.

Now the big challenge is do I remember how to drive?

The driving is easy, but the GPS has failed again. Fortunately I have driven this route so many times I know it pretty much by heart. I get on the expressway and within 2 minutes the GPS decides to cooperate afterall.

A long drive home, a stop for food and the restroom along the way.

I unpack and start the first of two loads of wash and head to the grocery store for food. I left the icebox nearly empty. A little to my surprise, it now has some food in it. Food placed there by Alyssa in anticipation of her move in two weeks.

By bedtime all the unpacking is done, the clothes clean and hung in the closet. One must be ready, there may be a good cruise fare for a ship leaving this weekend. I'm ready.

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