April 27, 2024

April 25, 26 - Sea Days

This is getting a little tiring. Again at 2:00 or 3:00 am, depending whether or not you had just turned your clock ahead an hour, the ship slowed and made a sharp turn. Thankfully we are NOT headed back to Bermuda.  This time a saiboat was signaling SOS by flashing all of its running lights. When we approached, they said nothing was wrong and they needed no help.  This is the second cruise I have been on where this has happened, sailors in small boats thinking it is funny to send a false SOS. Yes society is out of control.

The seas remain relatively calm, under 5 feet, the skies vary from overcast to full sun.  The temperatures remain in the mid 60's for the most part, keeping most passengers off the main pool deck, but packing the enclosed solarium.

The dining room food and service continues to be good. The other night though we did have a total disruption by 4 children sitting on the other side of the room. Usually the table is occupied by 2 adults, assumed to be mom and dad, and 4 children probably in age from 5 to 9.  The youngest 2 may even be twins. Previously always well behaved. If you didn't see them you wouldn't even know they were there.

Last night it was just dad and the 4 children, no mom present.  There were sword fights with the table knives. Sling shots made with the rubberband holders from the menues. Food thrown across the table, kids running around screaming and the dad just sitting there basically ignoring them. The staff tried the usual ploys of quickly giving them food, but that just became more ammunition.

I don't know if the staff spoke to him, or the dad was too embarassed to return, but the following night the table was empty. The rest of the guests did not miss them.

It was just before this incident that I asked if we could have the same table for the next leg of the cruise. I hope that wasn't a mistake.

Many cruiseships have bar tenders that can juggle glasses, drinks, and bottles. Here we have two that no only do these antics as they work, but put on a demonstration for the guests in the promenade.  Their juggling skills are definitely on par with the professional juggler headliner in the theater. A little later in the cruise various volunteers from the crew will put on a show for the guests in the theater.

The demonstation of the technology in 270 has been updated, and  they are showing how the video segment was filmed live for presentation of the robot controlled display screens.

Tomorrow is our last day at sea before the Azores. We are cruising between 20 and 22 knots, and the captain is still confident we will reach Ponta Delgada on time or a few minutes early.

Yesterday I did a first. I made a phone call from the middle of the ocean.  So simple today, just set your phone to make calls over WiFi and dial the number. Since I was calling a US number, there are no additional call fees incurred with my cell provider, T-Mobile. So much different than when I first started writing this blog years ago. Emails were slow and sporadic at best.