February 05, 2020

Feb 4, 2020 St John's, Antigua

Another beautiful day in the Caribbean. Clear sunny skies, warm temperatures of about 80, and a nice breeze.

The AIDAluna and a Costa ship are tied to the next pier. AIDA cruise are based out of Germany. Their ships are colorfully painted on the outside,  and frequently can be found visiting the Eastern Caribbean islands. Costa, based in Italy, but owned by Carnival is rarely seen here, but is prevalent in the Mediteranean.

The others are visiting an old church that has been undergoing reconstruction for some time. I am sure I will be able to share more detail later. Personally I have seen enough old churches when in Europe.

I elect to remain on the ship again. Usually I get an ice cream here, but I will pass this trip. A visit to the spa this morning found my weight down a few pounds from when I boarded the ship two weeks ago. I don't want to mess up my self control the last week.

I sit by the Solarium pool and catch up on posting my blogs. There are about 50 chairs covered with towels, but only about 15 passengers in the pool or hot tub, or occupying any of the chairs. An ongoing practice by passengers that the cruise line finds difficult to control.

Correction, 1 additional male passenger just emerges from the ladies room! Maybe he can't read english and doesn't know the symbols. What can I say.

A number of the lifeboats are launched for crew training. A continual process. Probably each lifeboat is launched and driven by the crew every two or three weeks. At the conclusion of the drill one boat is not returned to its storage position, but remains at deck 5 where maintenance work is performed on it for the rest of the day. Being able to see inside, they look awful small to hold the designated number of passengers. I hope I never have to use one.

I find a large fruit basket in my stateroom. With all the same fruit available in multiple locations throughout the ship, I give mine to my room steward, Alex.

The Costa ship leaves port first, we follow shortly behind. The AIDAluna remains in port as it fades out of sight behind us.

The Safari lounge is not quite as busy tonight, possibly because of the top tier reception, but more likely just because it is getting later in the cruise.

Dinner is again good in the main dinig room. Anna is playing at the piano in the Schooner bar. The crowd is small but appreciative. In conversation I learn that Royal is cutting back on live musicians, and there are only 6 ships remaining in the fleet where she can work. Another occupation that is slowly fading away, her job being replaced by recorded music.

The seas remain calm as we head to our next port of Roseau, Dominica.