December 05, 2017

Day 12 – At Sea

Temperatures are in the upper 70's, skies mostly sunny with a few passing clouds. The wind is fairly strong, nearly on our bow, as we head south easterly towards Antigua at 20 knots. The seas are about 9 or 10 feet keeping the ship in a constant state of pitch and roll. The elevator cables cry out occasionally as they slap against each other, and occasionally you can witness a passenger reaching for a hand rail for stability. Walking on the outside decks is possible, but one must hold on to any hats or ball caps else they will become ocean contamination. The Solarium is packed, and the pool is busy.

The Vortex lounge, or generically as I often call it, the Crown Lounge, has been busy all day with private functions. Most likely meetings and other activities associated with the poker tournament. I find a spot in the Diamond lounge to listen to a few more book chapters and read through the shore excursion guide.

Tonight is a formal night followed by the captain's reception. The headliner show is Kyle and Mistie Knight, illusionists. I plan to attend.

This afternoon I learned that some information I had learned from a most reputable source, the Concierge Club bartender, and passed on was inaccurate. It is true that there is a private poker group on the ship this week, but they have no association with the World Series Of Poker, and the stakes are very small in comparison. Other information is accurate. Their games run from early morning to late night in the conference center.

The lounge is busy but not overcrowded as during the last trip. My neighbor Charlie and his wife are still here this week, and as I head to dinner I run into several other friends from Clermont, Dave and Mary Lee. Yes, cruising is a small world.

The show tonight is excellent, probably one of the best illusionist shows I have ever seen.

Tonight we turn our clocks ahead one hour as we move further East into the next time zone. Most passengers will sleep very week with the rocking of the ship.

Tomorrow is another sea day.