February 04, 2023

Day 6 Costa Maya, Mexico

We arrive in Costa Maya about 8:00 and the ship is quickly cleared. Lynn is taking a tour to see some Myan ruins, I am staying on the ship.

There is only one other ship here today, the 200 passenger World Voyager.  The weather forecast indicates a threat of a passing storm, but otherwise pleasant with temperatures around 80.

Overall the Oasis of the Seas remains in good shape and generally is not showing her age. Having said that a water main broke about 10 cabins down the hall a couple days ago and fans have been in use since to dry out the soaked carpet, and for a period of time during the night there was no water. Hopefully a planned shutdown.

Other than a few guests in the Coastal Kitchen the first night, my observation of guest behavior has been good. Not true for the rest of the ship. Three passengers were given a one way trip down the gangway in Roatan, Honduras, not to be allowed back on the ship.  How they get home is their problem.

The daily compass has it's usual problem of listing events that just don't exist. Most likely a product of cut and paste by the production team. Wi Fi has actually been good. I don't know if they have made the conversion to Sky Link or not. WiFi has become more important as there are a number of passengers "working" from the ship. More and more all the time.

There have been a few medical emergencies. One passenger with a massive heart attack that was transported to a hospital in Cozumel. Reported by the captain as doing well.

Last weekend the marathon in Miami disrupted our boarding and delayed departure over two hours. Three passengers didn't make it to the terminal until 9:00 PM. Yes, they missed the ship. It was not clear if they caught up with us along the way.

Today we learned both exits from the port will be hampered by construction projects as we attempt to leave on Sunday. Have I ever said I do not like sailing from Miami?

I arrange for wheel chair assistance to the terminal. Not mandatory for me, but I have found it to be a big help especially when the path winds back and forth around the ship and the walk becomes long.

Chops for breakfast has been great but I sometimes think they have a different chef every day. Buttermilk pancakes come out differently each day. Sometime one, sometimes two. Sometimes with fruit, others not. Always a surprise. More importantly, always better than fighting the crowds in the Windjammer.

Lynn had an excellent tour guide and enjoyed the temple very much. Presently the only way tourists get to this part of Mexico is by cruise  ship. Construction is underway on a rail line to bring the masses. Hopefully running in a couple years.

Another good dinner in the Coastal Kitchen. Tonight is lobster night in the main dining room. Do you want more than one? Each additional will  cost $16.95. In the coastal Kitchen it is poached lobster tails, quantity unlimited. I'm not sure the difference between poached and steamed lobster other than the words.

The quartet in the Jazz club is excellent, I take in one set before sleep time.

The seas are a little choppy as we head north, the skies overcast with a forecast of rain showers. Tomorrow is a sea day with our next port of call Miami on Sunday morning.