July 30, 2021

July 30, 2021 Still grounded

There has been some progress is the past 5 months. A few, very few, ships have returned to the seas. The cruise lines are complying with CDC requests. Crew has been fully vaccinated, new protocols put in place and test cruises completed.

A few weeks ago it was nice to be having lunch along the pier in Port Canaveral just feet from several cruise ships in port for reprovisioning and boarding crew. I knew it was time to get back to sea, 

The Florida govenor has been in and out of court trying to block CDC regulations. Regardless, the cruise lines seem to be voluntarily going along with the CDC, they want passengers to be as safe as possible.

Unfortunately the incidence of covid has just recently spiked to the highest levels yet. Most jurisdictions are placing the desire to return to normal above the health and welfare of people. Less than 50% of eligible Americans have been vaccinated despite plentiful supplies. In some counties, less than 8% are vaccinated. Personally I find the greed and disrespect for others disgusting.

Despite the negavite virus environment I now have booked four cruises, the first being in October, on the Celebrity Edge, which at the time I booked was being sold as a cruise restricted to vaccinated passengers only. I hope that remains the case.

Of all people, just before I started looking for cruises to book I discovered I had allowed my passport to expire. I quickly applied for a renewal. The State Department indicatied it may be 18 weeks or more for the application to be processed.   Not much choice, and I don't like to do it, but I could sail with my birth certificate and ID. Retrieved from the safew deposit box, I was ready to go. OK as long as plans don't get disrupted and I need to return the country in an unplanned manner.

Well I was pleasantly surprised, my new passport arrived in about 6 or 7 weeks, The birth certificate gets returned to the safe deposit box, hopefully to never be needed. Only 9 weeks to wait to use my crisp clean new passport.

If you are not vaccinated, please do so for the good of all Americans and others around the world. It was one thing when vaccine was in short supply, but in America the vaccine is effective, safe, plentiful and free. There is no legimitate reason to not be vaccinated.

My next post should be from the edge. the Celebrity Edge that is.