February 17, 2019

Feb 16, St Lucia

We arrive In St Lucia. The Skies are partly cloudy. We dock at the shopping side of the port, a TUI ship is docked across the harbor at the commercial pier. A 150 ft three masted schooner is moored near us, probaby a private vessel.

I often sleep 10 hours, but last night it was 11, very unusual for me. I was even in bed by 10 last night. This cruising stuff is just so exhausting.

No Special K available for breakfast, so it will have to be Corn Flakes. For the most part Royal has done away with the little boxes of cereal, and uses dispensers for cold cereal. Certainly more economical and much less waste to contend with.

Speaking of waste and the environment, there no longer is any plastic. Coffee cups and straws are paper and stir sticks and skewers are bamboo.

The maintenance supervisor is again working on the Concierge Lounge door. Sometime it slams shut, other times it does not close and passengers without access can and do just walk in. He adjusts it, tries it once, and leaves. 5 minutes later when the door is next used, it does not close. I now see why it often takes more than one attempt to get things fixed. In reality, after 16 years the ship is beginning to show some age.

This is an unusual trip for me in that some friends, my oldest daughter, son, spouses, and grandaughter will be boarding the ship in about two weeks. This is an opportunity for me to be "reprovisioned". Unfortunately I have thought of nothing I need them to bring other than some empty suitcase space to return home the rum and beach towels I have accumulated. Space was prearranged as many of 6 month old Eliza's baby diapers will be left behind.

Just two lifeboats are launched today, probably training for crew that have just returned to the ship. David is trying to get a jump start on the bar, at 12:15 he brings ice and other supplies. I doubt much of the ice will be left by 4:30.

Book listening is in order for the rest of the afternoon. One completed with several days to spare.

When I arrive in the dining room my waiter is quick to share that the individual that has been causing all the disruption won't be causing any more, at least not for this  part of the dining room. His reservation has been "moved". To where and when wasn't shared.  Apparently he came to the dining room every night drunk. There must have been quite a few complaints for Royal to have the courage to address the situation. Good for them. Now if they would just deal with the lounge chair hogs. Even though I don't use them most passengers do.

A Royal sponsored tour on a "pirate ship" is late returning to port so our departure is held up about 30 minutes. With all the islands so close together it really doesn't matter much.

The headliner entertainer tonight is Marcus, a juggler and comedian. Usually jugglers are not too exciting, but his comedy made the show excellent.

Tomorrow we will be in Granada. I have an early morning tour so I forgo anything after the 8:30 show.