December 11, 2019

Tuesday Dec 10, 2019 Curacao

The ship arrives and is tied to the dock long before I see the light of day. There are two other ships here today, The Monarch, which was the former Monarch Of The Seas, a favorite of mine that I sailed often, and a Carnival ship.  The Carnival ship was probably one of two that we could see several miles away most of the last two days as we made our way south from Florida.

The weather here is as good as you could ask for. Temperatures are expected to reach a high of 82, skies are mostly clear blue with a few passing clouds and there is a strong breeze to keep one cool.

The ship is being refueled today, a common occurence in this port. One of a few ports where pipes run from storage tanks to the edge of the dock instead of requiring a barge or tanker to be brought alongside.

The kids have rented cars for a day of beach hopping. I elect to just take a stroll into town. I stay for several hours, not even purchasing a beer.

I do complete a survey request from Mayo Clinic for information updating data for some medical reasearch they are doing. A  constructive way to spend a half hour sitting on a park bench in Willemstad.

Returning to the ship I am not asked to take my shoes off, but during a physical patdown the security officer caught his hand on my belt or pocket and nearly pulled my pants off. A New first, almost very embarrasing.

I don't know if the number is accurate, and if all those being counted are active, but I am told there are ten thousand Pinnacle members world wide. There are about 30 on this ship.

My guess is that includes everyone that ever attained Pinnacle level even if they are now deceased, or no longer cruising.

I give in to suggestions of others and dine in the main dinig room. 10 of the 14 of us are there.

There are several alcohol tastings in the Royal shops. I go with some of the kids, but resist any urge to purchase anything.

By 11 I am resting my eyes. Tomorrow we will be in Bonaire, just a few mile away.