February 29, 2016

World Cruise 2016 Day 55

Day 55 - At Sea. We continue our northerly course through the South China Sea. Gale force winds combined with the ship's speed result in apparent winds on deck of over 60 mph. The captain acknowledges the winds are impeding our progress but has refrained from saying we are behind schedule. Except for a drop in temperatures to the 70's, there is no change in the forecast until we are very near the Hong Kong Harbor in about 2 days. Despite the strongest winds of our voyage, the ships motion remains just about the same, some pitch with little roll. Water sloshes in the pool but doesn't go over the sides like it did as we were leaving fort Lauderdale.

It has been declared by the medical team that I am not a threat to other passengers, and have been released from cabin confinement. (Their judgment is only medical, not psychological.) The entertainment early today is the Oscars which is being shown live in the theater. Oriental stir fry is being prepared on deck for lunch. I'll pass on both. To be smart I will be careful with what I eat for several days. I would like a cheese burger with bacon, lettuce, and tomato and an order of cheese fries but settle for a plain turkey sandwich with ice water.

I take a walk around deck 3, yes it is windy, I remove my glasses for concern they might be blown off. Replacement parts arrived in Jakarta, and life boat 9 repairs continue, the propeller, shaft, rudder and guards have been replaced on the starboard side. The port side of the life boat hangs out over the side of the ship several feet and I doubt they can complete repairs until the boat can be lowered to a dock.

I have almost become a 100% convert to the Lido. Tonight will continue that trend. I have plain egg noodles, about as bland as one can get, except maybe for plain white rice.

On the way back to my cabin after dinner, I walk by the Pinnacle Grill. Passengers are standing in the hallway waiting for a "Captain's Dinner". As I approach the front desk, someone frantically comes up behind me. "Where's Steve?" Anyone know where Steve is?" I'm not sure what I am wanted for. I turn around, but don't respond. Actually nothing, but the photographer Steve is. Especially when he is holding up the start of the Captain's dinner. He was due there 15 minutes ago and no one can locate him. Can't have a captain's dinner without taking all those pictures to sell.

I will listen to Debby and then go to the main show. The singers and dancers will be doing their last show tonight before being replaced by a new troupe in Hong Kong. "Rock at the Opera" whatever that will be.

Yesterday I mentioned about some passengers that were getting off the ship for various reasons. I forgot to include one category. Those that are removed from the ship against their free will. Yes, it does happen occasionally. I don't know all the details but it was a female, note that I didn't use the word "lady", that was insisting on running around the ship naked. I know no more. Any notions I had that human behavior would be better on such a long cruise have been totally dispelled.

I rarely go to the Crow's Nest after 8, and tonight I couldn't if I wanted to. It is closed for a private function. A party for the crew only. They deserve it, the first one I remember for them.

Tomorrow is the last day at sea before arrival in Hong Kong.