November 12, 2019

Nov 10, Colon, Panama

Once we leave the canal channel it just a mile or two to our pier in Colon. We make the trip last over 12 hours by going out to sea a little and then returning.

Colon itself has little to offer tourists except that this is where the excursions to visit the canal, the jungle, or Panama city originate. In fact it is strongly advised not to leave the fenced in area of the port except by tour bus.

All the reports from passengers are positive. During the day several heavy storms passed over dumping heavy rain. The tour groups were lucky as they were on a bus or inside during the rain.

The staff was looking for five passengers at departure time, the usual indication of them not getting back to the ship on time.

Speaking of time, my pocket watch stopped working this morning. I can't say it has lasted very long, maybe for two years of use just when I travel. Maybe a byproduct of dropping it and shattering the crystal earlier this year. I will replace before my next trip. There are times when I need to know the time, and a phone just doesn't do it on a ship.

Colon harbor is quite busy, mostly with container ships. There is one oil tanker in port, tied alongside all day giving us bunker fuel. The 9 hour process is completed about 30 minutes before departure. How many tons of fuel can be pumped thru an 8 or 10 inch hose in a day?

Cartagena, Columbia is our next port.