September 26, 2018

Cozumel, Mexico Tuesday September 25

Our passage through the night is smooth. We maintain about 15 knots for our short passage from Georgetown to Cozumel.  Captain Ole gets the side of the pier that our captain didn't get last trip. The only other two ships here are both Carnival ships. I say "only", as there is room for at least 6 ships here at the International Pier, plus at least 2 at the downtown pier.

The skies are cloudy when we arrive, and about an hour after most everyone is off the ship the skies open up with a very heavy downpour that lasts for about 45 minutes. Several passengers leave with luggage, and 3 new passengers are seen boarding with luggage. Both groups escorted by Mexican officials on the pier.

I know this is getting myself in a rut, but head to shore for a beer and lunch at Senor Frogs. Is it an excuse to go ashore, or is the food really better in Mexico? I'm back to the ship before the next brief afternoon shower.

The ship is mostly empty, the fans still outside my cabin door. Today I gather my laundry, my last chance to have it done for free. If not, no clean clothes for next week.  

For some unknown reason Royal doesn't have diet tonic on board for US cruises, but they do have a no sugar European version.  So far Bernadette has been able to find a bottle or two each night left over from a season in the Baltic. Now a bottle is only about 6 ounces, and barely fills a glass, so two bottles does not stretch very far. Several times she has been told that a certain bar has some, but when someone is sent to get them, they come back empty handed.

Going to the next level I decide this is a good challenge for the concierge. We will be provisioning in Tampa in a few days.  Lets see how good Francisco is at making things happen. I'm not optimistic, but it worth a try. If not, mabe only club soda for the next week.

All passengers are supposed to be on board by 7:00 the horn has sounded twice now, but the ship isn't moving. All the appearances of missing passengers. We soon depart into the darkness headed to !Tampa for new passengers, more provisions, and with a lot of luck diet tonic water. The Carnival ships are long gone, i have no idea when they left.

Tonight's headliner entertainer is Derek Marshall, a hypnotist. His show, utilizing about 25 random audience volunteers is very good, much better than the few other similar acts I have seen over the years.

Tonight we return our clocks to Florida time. We are cruising at about 15 knots for the next day and a half.