October 24, 2019

Oct 23, 2019 Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala

Our ship arrives at this industrial port before sunrise. The Windjammer opens at 5:30 to accomodate the many passengers that leave on shore excursions at 6:00. No that is not a typo, excursions are leaving at 6:00, earlier than I have ever seen before. Not for this passenger.

The skies are mostly clear.
This is a small but busy commercial port. A bulk carrier is unloading coal in front of us. Several smaller container ships are loading or unloading nearby. At least five more ships are waiting at sea for their turn to enter port.

Our dock is a floating dock with a several hundred foot floating ramp. Probably safe even if it does rock and roll as passengers cross. No vehicles here, not even a golf cart. No room for more than one cruise ship either.

There is a small but very nice shopping area for locally made handicrafts. A restaurant is advertised. Besides beer, the only available food I see on any menu is pizza or nachos.

The area is exceptionally clean and the locals very friendly. Muscians play in a central gazebo. No vendors in your face here.

In exiting the ship I saw signs directing to the dialysis center. Not something I usually see on a ship. I will try to learn more.

During the day many visitors are being given a tour of the ship and enjoying lunch in the buffet. Relatives of crew, prospective employees or future customers I have no idea. The only hint that their stay is limited is the prominent "VISITOR" tags.

The headliner entertainment tonight is Ronn Lucas, a good entertainer I have seen several times in the past.

The seas are calm as we leave the sheltered port and head North to our first Mexican port of Huatulco.