February 05, 2019

Feb 4, St Thomas

Our arrival is scheduled for 8:30 after having spent roughly the past 64 hours cruising at about 17 knots. There are a few scattered clouds, temperatures are in the upper 70's as we approach the harbor.  I am up early, grab breakfast in the Solarium and head to helipad on the bow of the ship to watch our arrival. What an entertaining decision. The longshoremen on the dock were the the most entertaining I have ever witnessed. Unorganized, tripping over lines and each other you would think this was the first they had ever handled  the lines for a large ship.  Soon a crewmember was on the dock giving them directions, and eventually we were safely moored.

Passengers began disembarking as the  last lines were being secured. We are the only ship in this port this morning, so the shops and beaches shouldn't be crowded. The funnel of a Carnival ship can be seen several miles in the distance at the downtown port.

On the port side of the ship cell service is marginal, but on the starboard side it is good.  I post the first several days. I am sort of getting used to doing this all with my phone instead of with a computer, but must confess and apologize that I don't have access to a spelling checker. At least I have a full size keyboard which helps with the large fingers. Hopefully you can decipher my misspellings.

I received word this morning that Bruce, a fellow model railroader, and avid blog follower has passed away. He will be missed.

By noon time, most passengers are ashore with maybe a couple dozen taking the opportunity to use the pool or relax in the sun on the deck. The Windjammer has plenty of seating,  and the abundance of chicken wings, hot dogs and hamburgers may be an indication that they didn't sell many at the game last night.

I suffice with appetizers in the Concierge Lounge for dinner. There just was nothing that appealed to me on the dining room menu.

The ship was about an hour and a half leaving port. No explanation was given, but most likely a tour was delayed.  It really didn't matter much as even with the lost time we cruised at a mere 7 knots as we head to our next port of St Croix.  The seas remain calm, the air warm, the skies clear, perfect Caribbean weather.