March 08, 2019

March 7 - Aruba

The ship arrived under partly cloudy skies, calm seas, and comfortable temperatures in the low 80's.

The MSC Divinia is berthed in front of us.

The kids made the decision to fogo both of the beach suggestions and head to a closer, more popular beach with more amenities like washrooms. I elect to stay on the ship this morning.

Our departure is scheduled for 11:59 PM so I will have lot's of opportunity later in the day.

The first order of business is to check on the tree on the sandbar. It is still surviving even though as when I first saw it, it looks like it could be washed away any moment. I will continue to call it a tree even though I have been corrected that it is a group of trees.

Eliza returned from her first ocean swim, apparently enjoying it with no reaction to the fact this was salt water as opposed to fresh water in the pool where she usually swims. Yes she is taking swim lessons.

We all walk into town for a local beer or whatever or two or three.  Local variety, and more reasonably priced than on the ship.

I have started to develope symptoms of a cold, whether from last week's passenger or given to me by one of my children, or most likely some other source I will never know.

Again this week the galley has substituted for the 4 cheese ravioli. I even ask Hurry if it the right ravioli this week, to which he replied yes.

The shape was right but it was spinach and ricotto cheese. I learn from other passengers that substitutions are often made and not disclosed. Having stayed away from the dining room for years I wasn't aware the practice was that common.

I am in bed long before our 11:59 sailing to Curacao.