May 13, 2024

Day 7 Limassol, Cypres

We arrive on time turning and backing into the pier.  The water is shallow, indicated by the mud that is turned up by the props.

The air polution here is very high, described as dangerous for anyone with lung problems, and unhealthy for the rest of us. 20 seconds on the balcony and you could tell the air was bad for you. Masks are in order for the day. I did not expect this, but was prepared none the less.

Fortunately our tour isn't for several hours, and the air improves by the time we are to leave. Never stated, but maybe this is why we had a 10 AM arrival even though we could have easily been here at 5:00. As the morning progresses, on shore breezes help clear the pollution.

On the way to the waiting busses I observe a crane taking stuff to deck 15.  I stop to watch and in a few minutes the captain joins me and asks if they are doing everything correctly. I assure him that they are so far. He explains they are replacing a sheet of glass that is cracked.

On to our waiting bus. The marble floors of the terminal shine like mirrors. The busses are quickly loaded and we leave 15 minutes early. 

The scenery is lovely. Orange groves, grapes, avacodoes and other crops cover the countryside. Our tour guide is not great, but he is not bad. More noteworty is the passenger sitting about 3 rows behind us. She never stopped talking the entire day.

We visit several historical sites including aphrodite's,  birth site, the Kourion archeological site and Kolassi Castle. I think the bus driver was new, as we went around in circles several times. Our last stop was at the old city center where we had about an hour on our own.

Being such avid shoppers Lynn had a glass of local wine, I a diet Coke and we split an order of saganaki. Reasonably priced and delicious.

We often hear about this and this time we witnessed it. 2 passengers did not get back to the bus by the specified time. The driver waited 10 minutes, the guide went looking for them and then we left without them. Too bad, so sad.

Back at the terminal the line to reboard the ship is long and it takes probably 30 minutes to get thru security.

At boarding time the captain announces that the glass repairs did not go well, and we will be leaving about 2 hours later than planned, but will still arrive in Rhodes on time in the morning. I hope I did not jinx his plan.

Our entertainment for tonight was Claire Maidin. An excellent concert pianist and vocalist.  Coincidently her husband is a hotel director for Celebrity, currently on The Ascent.  Yes they met on a ship years ago. Currently her 12 year old daughter always travels with her. She already has 70 countries on her passport.

Tommorrow we will be in Rhodes.