September 27, 2018

September 26, A Day at Sea

The skies are mostly clear and the seas calm. Our speed remains about 15 knots. Motion of the ship is non existant in such calm waters.

There are 400 kids on the ship this week, I expect there will be even more next week. Usually the Diamond and Concierge lounge is a safe haven with only a few well behaved children with their parents.  This week that is not the case. Several kids have decided the lounge is their playground, running around, banging plates on the tables, climbing on the bar stools, etc. Yes under the sight of the concierge host that does not dare offend the bratty kids staying in a suite. I don't blame the children at all, but their parents that are so engrossed with themselves that they ignore their children.

Royal gives the impression of improving entertainment options.  Along with long standing bingo, trivia and pool games, 6 or more variations of various TV game shows are held, outside vendors are providing mystery games, and the headliner entertainment seems to be of a generally higher caliber. 4 or 5 movies are shown each day, most in the cinema, and several by the pool.

The fans have been removed from the corridor by my room. By late morning the worst of the bratty kids that uses the Concierge lounge as home is there, by himself, sitting at Francisco's desk, but surprisingly dressed in a suit and bow tie. Imaginary role playing? Dressed early for dinner? Waiting for a wedding? 

Berttie has been the host in the Diamond lounge this week, a host I remember from the Freedom several years ago. He and Francisco will switch roles in a few weeks, changing rooms and guests. Bernadette expects to remain the main bartender and server in the concierge lounge, her customers hope so. As if we don't keep her busy enough, she is also manager of the crew bar, the other night keeping her busy until after 2:30 AM.

There is no meeting for back to back guests this week, with 13 of us it is hardly neccessary. We are just instructed to meet in the Centrum at 9:50.

Draw your own conclusion, but I know 8 of the other 12 b2b passengers, we are lounge regulars.

I need to pack to move to yet another cabin. This time as low in the ship as you can get, deck 2. Shower and packing takes a mere 45 minutes, so that is a task for tomorrow morning.

We should pick up our pilot about 3:00 AM, and arrive at our pier in Tampa before 7:00.