October 10, 2019

Nassau Oct 9

It is partly cloudy when we arrive in Nassau. The forecast is for thunderstorms.

I tentatively makes plans to meet the others, Adrienne, Steve, Kim and Brian at the local craft brewery. By 11:30 as I am thinking about getting off the ship there is a heavy downpour. I will wait and see if weather improves. By 2:00 the sun is out, but there are more storms on the horizon.  No beer for me today. That will be OK.

The added entertainment from the Diamond Lounge is the passenger smoking his pipe on the cabin balcony on the Navigator, a definite no no on most ships. I suppose he not only figures that rules are for others, but that no one can see him. Eventually someone else appears on his balcony and he tries to hide the pipe under a chair. Busted!

Did an officer from our ship seen him also?

We have dinner in Chops to celebrate Adrienne and Steve's tenth anniversary. The food and service was good. Much more than I should have eaten.

Tomorrow we are back at Coco Cay.