October 26, 2019

Oct 24, 2019 Huatulco, Mexico

We arrive at precisely our intended time of 11:00 AM. That is ship's time. Passengers have been told many times to stay on ship's time today. When we leave tonight we will know how many passengers ignore that advice.

The skies are blue, temperatures about 80 with a nice breeze blowing ashore off the Pacific. Another perfect day.

The harbor entrance is quite narrow, but the modern pier is capable of having two cruise ships here at one time. There are no commercial facilities here but hundreds of pleasure craft and vessels to support the tourists such as sport fishing boats.

There are a number of large resorts along the coast. A few look prosperous, several appear to be abandoned.

The marina I would guess has a 1000 to 1500 vessel capacity.

The usual jewelry shops, bars and restaurants along with a sandy beach that is quite busy. Some of the restaurants are not only built on the beach, but there is no distinction where the beach sand becomes the sand floor of the restaurant. Shop keepers are as I have come to expect in Mexico, mildly aggressive.

Several passengers that hired a taxi were given more excitement than they planned. A police officer stopped the cab, ordered everyone to get out. The officer would not let the cab continue until he extorted a payoff from the driver. The payoff amount wasn't disclosed. Fortunately the passengers weren't robbed. Mexico is still a corrupt country.

Tomorrow is a sea day.